Dan Faulkner’s stories

According to Cisco’s Internet Solutions group, there will be 25 billion internet-connected things in 2015, with that number doubling by 2020. That’s a lot of things. Some of those things are brand new concepts – a smart onesie to monitor a baby’s sleep – and some are iterations on well-known products – like connected cars, […]

Panasonic TVs with voice biometrics know you by voice to deliver the content you want, faster.

Talking to your TV no longer seems like such a crazy thing to do – and no, shouting in excitement when your team scores doesn’t count! We mean talking – saying something and expecting a response in return. In fact, people in living rooms all over the world are doing so to bypass the frustrations […]


The evolution of technology has brought with it a need for speed and convenience, particularly in the way we communicate with one another.  Today we can call, text, tweet, email, post to Facebook, video chat and more, all from an expanding lineup of devices. We’ve seen fundamental changes to the way we wish to receive […]