Josefine Fouarge’s stories

August 29, 1997; 2:14 am ET. Skynet, an artificial intelligence, becomes self-aware after just 25 days of being “alive”. What follows next is a war the world has never seen before. The action/sci-fi movie industry loves to make up stories – exaggerate facts – and, with a few exceptions, they don’t necessarily follow the laws […]

Cast a customer experience spell on your customers with a superior virtual assistant

Chatbots and virtual assistants are magical. 44% of US consumers prefer interacting with chat bots over humans for customer relations. There’s a simple reason why – virtual assistants can solve problems easily without any effort for the consumer, just like magic does in Harry Potter’s world. That’s why the Industry saw a virtual agent usage […]

How to find the best virtual assistant to meet your customer service needs

Chatbot – what a buzzword! They are everywhere, and it’s getting harder and harder to understand what they really are and what they are not. The lines are getting blurry as the media uses this word to describe simple scripts, intelligent and conversational versions; even “messaging” and “chatbot” are intertwined for some. That’s why it’s […]

To meet customer expectations, virtual assistants must be able to learn and grow smarter.

What do consumers want out of the customer experience? According to eMarketer, technology drives up consumer expectations, as customers increasingly expect fast, consistent and reliable experiences across all devices. They expect your brand to be all-knowing and always-available when it comes to serving them. But customers get frustrated with technology when they can’t find the […]

Make your virtual assistant a super hero for your business.

Wonder Woman is, well, wonder-ful. I like her because she has bullet-proof bracelets and a magical lasso that, wrapped around a person, forces them to tell the truth – both very useful tools in everyday life. Unfortunately, Hollywood super heroes aren’t real. Which is too bad, as today’s consumers could use someone to help them […]

As consumers become increasingly accustomed to having automated conversations, businesses must adopt artificial intelligence and natural language understanding to enhance customer service.

Over the past few weeks, you’ve heard our take on some of the key trends that were presented in Forrester’s “2017 Customer Service Trends: Operations Become Smarter and More Strategic” report. From self-service via IVR to smarter field service, we’ve witnessed in our blog series that customer service is working smarter. To continue the series, […]

Text messaging turns 25 years old in 2017 – but messaging has continued to evolve for customer service.

It seems like just yesterday when the small handful of cell phone users started typing short messages to the few friends who also had texting capabilities on their phones. Now, twenty-five years later, 8.5 billion text messages are sent every day in the U.S. Consumers are looking for more ways to communicate with businesses, including […]