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A new set of Federal rules is presenting new challenges for financial advisors, who must now  focus on creating a “culture of compliance” in which advisors will seek to document clear, specific and transparent action plans and disclosures with their clients. Going forward, advisors need to accurately document conversations with clients, and also be more […]


I can talk documentation productivity all day long – how using speech recognition technology can help improve efficiency, save time, reduce costs – and more. While all beneficial outcomes, it’s the positive impact to law enforcement – with such high stakes, that has me most charged up lately.  And with IACP 2017 around the corner, […]

Accurate, timely and detailed documentation is extremely important – and in some cases, even critical. Yet many organizations are challenged with documentation inefficiencies that, if not addressed effectively, can have a ripple effect across workgroups and teams.  For example, police officers can spend an hour or more typing up a single incident report, and for […]

Dragon speech recognition software celebrates its 20 year anniversary

On April 2, 1997 Dragon NaturallySpeaking was unveiled a groundbreaking solution that was light years ahead of speech technologies previously available. Dragon NaturallySpeaking was the first-ever continuous dictation product – capable of understanding about 100 words per minute. And while the product required training, the use of a headset and the need to be tethered […]