Richard Mack’s stories
Everything is connected in today’s digital world

In an age of talking machines and artificial intelligence, where virtually everything is connected, data increasingly takes a central role in the efficacy of these systems.  These systems offer tremendous benefits to people and society.  They also raise important privacy considerations for industry participants, including Nuance. Today a number of news articles were published concerning […]

Star Wars’ portrayal of relationships between robots and humans is becoming today’s reality with new technological advancements

Although it had been a while since I saw the original Star Wars trilogy, within minutes of watching The Force Awakens I immediately was reminded of the essential and integral role robots play in the films. Not only do they have distinct personalities, they have emotional intelligence, guiding and complementing their human counterparts, and acting […]

greatest voice of all time nuance

At Nuance, every day it’s our business to think about the power and possibility of voice. With World Voice Day, a global celebration of the human voice, around the corner on April 16, we asked ourselves whether anyone ever tried to pinpoint the greatest voice of all time.  Without a good answer, we thought it […]