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Lawyer researching on laptop while sitting in library

Like many other service-based industries, legal firms have undergone significant changes in the way they do business. The most recent – and most visible – example may be the near-elimination of billable hours. For decades, billable hours was the traditional pricing model for most law firms, but the Great Recession in the early 2000s forced […]


While discovery once focused primarily on paper documents scanned into PDFs, this area has now expanded to include other areas such as email, social media, instant messages, texts, voicemail, e-calendars and even embedded graphics. Electronic discovery, or e-discovery, is the process of compiling, storing and securing digital information for evidence in a lawsuit or legal […]


When it comes to the topic of document retention and security in the legal industry, it is important to remember that there are legal requirements related to protecting evidence and saving documents until after a particular case is over. Additionally, in many cases, the organizations may need the documents for multiple cases, which can make […]


It’s a fact all legal firms and law departments have become accustomed to: the staggering volume of documents they have to manage today. Whether you’re preparing for discovery, collaborating with associates or filing with the court, every document must be processed accurately, securely, efficiently and cost-effectively. Some firms try to improve productivity and reduce document […]