Swype & Hot Words


We’re excited to share a bit more about a new feature of Swype, “Hot Words.” Every day we analyze hundreds of newspapers and magazines to find important new words.  Using Swype, we push them directly to your phone!

The words in these lists vary from day-to-day based on who and what is popular in news, technology, entertainment, arts, politics, sports, health, business, and more.  These terms are truly hot off the presses!

With each Hot Words update, you receive a new list of new words to replace the old, though any words you actually use will be tracked in your Dynamic Language Module for your continued use. Each day, about a quarter of the Hot Words are new – that’s how fast language changes!

Hot Words are available now for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Chinese. In the upcoming year, we will be pushing Hot Words out for many more languages.


Happy Swyping with Hot Words!