Swype Themes


Like our awesome Swype keyboard?  Oh, why thank you! However, if you feel like changing it up a bit make sure to check out our new feature Swype Themes.

In the latest version of the Swype keyboard, we introduced a feature where you are able to pick and choose the keyboard “theme” that you like the best.  We have included 10 or so images of keyboards with different key colors, Swype path colors and default word colors, that you can scroll through.

To change the Swype keyboard theme, just press and hold on the Swype key.  This will open the Swype settings page where you can tap on the Personalization option.  At the top of this page you will see the Themes section with the name of the current theme. Tapping that option will take you to the list of all the different themes.  Just scroll through the list, tap the one you want, hit “Apply” and the theme will be applied to your keyboard.  Enjoy your keyboard’s new look and feel!