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“Make the world a better place.” That’s the stereotypical catch phrase fans of “Silicon Valley” tend to hear from the various tech startups pitching their products on the show. But it’s more than a catch phrase. For some tech innovators, it’s a vital mindset. In order to rise above the hype of artificial intelligence, they […]

Artificial Intelligence bridges the gap between your contact center and digital consumer preferences

Recently, Head of Nuance Communications Cognitive Innovation Group (CIG) Paul Tepper was interviewed by AI Business, a content portal for the latest news deciphering the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business. Paul sheds light on how AI is transforming the way businesses interact with and understand customers while providing insight into the opportunities and […]

Virtual assistants improve the web customer experience.

It’s no secret that when people need answers, they turn to the web. And with nearly 40,000 Google queries every second, it’s become increasingly clear that Google sets the standard for what people expect out of those online experiences. They want fast, easy, and accurate resolutions on-demand. But when we took a step back, we […]