Amanda Carroll
Amanda Carroll joined Nuance in 2019 and works as the Senior Manager, Leadership and Management Development. She is passionate about adult learning, organizational leadership, and helping leaders develop their skills and understand their impact on the employees and the company. She has her BA in Psychology and Spanish from University of New Hampshire, J.D. from Suffolk Law, and M.ED in Adult Learning from Northeastern University. She’s currently a Doctoral candidate at Northeastern and hopes to complete her dissertation in Organizational Leadership Studies next year.
Amanda Carroll’s stories
Sky’s the limit! Two Nuance managers share their advice

A few months ago, Nuance manager, Kristian, shared his secrets to being a great manager. Let’s hear from a few more managers! Mahmoud is a Senior Manager in our Montreal office on the Enterprise Professional Services team. Robin is a Senior Manager of Sales Support on the GDOT (Global Deal Optimization Team), Healthcare. Hear firsthand how they tackle everyday challenges and ensure their employees feel informed, supported, and positive about their work. Plus, get practical management tips and ideas, […]

The Secrets to Being a Great Manager

Harvard professor Frances Frei defines leadership as “making others better as a result of our presence, and then the most enduring part of it, the sustainability, is having that last into our absence.” At Nuance, our leaders lead by example, create curiosity, and drive impact and outcomes – and that’s just what Kristian, Manager, Professional […]