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Some airlines are replacing their onboard entertainment systems with iPads to shave their planes’ weight by a mere 7 percent, yet enough to save tens of millions of dollars annually as fuel costs soar. That’s just one example of how companies are seeking every opportunity to protect their bottom line without surrendering any form of […]

When people call customer care, they typically hit zero because they want to talk to a human instead of serving themselves, right? Wrong. Recent surveys show that up to 76 percent of consumers believe that self-service is more convenient than other options. That preference is even higher among Gen Y consumers, at 82 percent. To […]

Fifteen years ago, analysts and investors routinely asked companies, “What’s your Internet strategy?” Today they ask, “What’s your mobile strategy?” The corollary to both questions was, “If you don’t have one, you’d better get one – fast.” Then and now, that advice is sound because it emphasizes the fact that consumers have new preferences for […]

Ever press zero or say “operator” rather than enduring the maze of menu choices when calling your bank or airline? Every time a customer escapes an interactive voice response system, that organization’s bottom line takes a hit. At a mid-size bank, for example, even 1 percent of additional callers that bail out of IVR can […]

Your age says a lot about you, including how you interact with businesses. If you’re in your 60s, you likely call customer service when you have a question. If you’re thirty-something, you probably try a company’s website first and then call if you can’t find what you need online. If you’re a teenager or twenty-something, […]

Smartphone adoption continues to skyrocket, with 78 percent of the U.S. adult population owning a smartphone according to the latest Flurry report. Meanwhile, consumers increasingly say that they prefer self-service options when interacting with a company. Put those two trends together, and they highlight the value of voice-powered customer service apps. Today, with nearly 80 […]

Mobile empowers us to manage our lives and get advice and information when we need it most. But it’s voice that removes all the obstacles, allowing us to get more done, faster. Rather than scroll, click and use traditional search, people can ask their mobile virtual assistants to lend a helping hand. Clearly, the advent […]

When it comes to customer service, consumers are taking charge. When they pickup the phone they want to get answers – fast. But are consumers really getting the results they want the way they want them? A recent consumer survey of attitudes around present-day caller authentication systems shows this stage of the customer journey is […]

When merchants and other organizations strategize a brand makeover, their interactive voice response (IVR) system is often left out of the mix. With the IVR serving as the front door to the contact center and making an impression on millions of customers every year, that’s a mistake. Evidence shows that the IVR can play a […]

If you haven’t heard the term “frictionless” yet, it’s time to add it to your customer service lexicon. The skyrocketing amount of inbound calls from mobile phones is a major reason. Some Nuance customers say that more half of their contact center interactions now involve a mobile device. That’s why so many organizations have made […]

Imagine a person who signs up for cable TV and chooses autopay. A couple of weeks later, she calls to add HBO. The IVR greets her with a reminder that her next payment is due August 1. “Does that mean they’ll automatically debit my account August 1?” she wonders. “Or did my autopay registration not […]

In early 2011, Nuance predicted that within three years, our voice biometrics customers would have more than 20 million registered voiceprints. Turns out that we underestimated demand by a wide margin: One year later, our customers have already passed the 20 million mark. Voice biometrics wouldn’t be that popular with Nuance customers and their customers […]

Enterprises, government agencies and other organizations understand how hosted IVR systems automate calls to reduce support costs. They also understand the importance of inquiring about capacity, uptime and technical features when composing an RFP for a hosted IVR solution. But even the savviest of organizations overlook critical questions that can ensure they select the hosted […]

The increased acceptance and adoption of the voice has led to another voice biometrics deployment by Magyar Telekom Plc., the leading telecommunication company in Hungary. With its recently announced deployment of Nuance’s VocalPassword, Magyar Telekom is able to automatically authenticate customers calling into the customer service center with inquiries or transactions. The solution uses Nuance’s […]

@NuanceEnt Hosts Live Twitter Chat on Thursday, June 28: #VoiceCustServ With continued innovations and advancements in voice-enabled technologies, the opportunities for enterprises to transform their customer service operations with state-of-the-art solutions have never been greater. Moderated by Dan Miller, industry expert and senior analyst with Opus Research, the #VoiceCustServ Twitter #Chat will explore: The role […]

The pace at which new users have flocked to social networking sites is staggering. In a recent CompTIA’s survey of 400 business and IT executives, 82 percent of respondents are now on Facebook, 68 percent have Twitter profiles, and 68 percent have a LinkedIn page. The phenomenon of the Social Web is forcing enterprises to […]

With more than 120 application stores globally and an estimated 15,000 new apps coming on line each week across mobile platforms like Apple iOS and Android, it’s little wonder that consumers are eagerly exploring the boundless choices to engage with companies they do business with. The results of a recent Nuance consumer survey sheds light […]

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) has come a long way over the years. What started out as simple systems for banks and airlines to provide after-hours touchtone access to routine requests is expected to grow into a nearly $3 billion market by 2017, handling billions of calls across various channels and market segments each year. Yet, […]

Voice is long recognized as a viable authentication method, because just like a fingerprint or iris, voice is unique to the individual. But now a variety of factors – including the widespread acceptance of speech-enabled services and smart assistants such as Siri, the advance of smartphones and tablets, and the explosion of mobile commerce and […]

Security has long been the singular focus of voice biometrics applications. And for good reason. A voice print, is as unique to an individual as a fingerprint or iris scan. And since speaking is what we do naturally, voice is as user-friendly as it is secure. Voice biometrics implementations are on the rise, Nuance customers […]

Make Them An Offer They Can’t Refuse Thanks to the proliferation of connected devices – PCs, phones, smartphones, tablets, games consoles – consumers across all demographics now share a common trait: they are empowered. They now have the freedom to choose how they interact with companies, brands and each other. They readily switch between platforms […]

In this business it’s not uncommon to encounter customer care professionals that question the intelligence of making large improvements to their IVR applications. Many view themselves as visionaries, so investing in a twenty year old technology is not high on their priority list. Their attention is on consumer adoption of new self-service channels.  After all, […]

It’s clear that today’s company needs to be where their customers are, and a growing number of influential customers are highly mobile. Most enterprises today realize that mobile consumers are the most influential segment of their customer base, by income and by influence (through social media and their connected lifestyles). Driven by the need to […]

Today’s customers and the way they choose to gather information and interact has changed dramatically.  The explosion of smartphones, social engagement and natural language assistants have permanently shifted consumer behavior and expectations.  Regardless of the channel, one thing is clear: organizations must be ready to serve a new, empowered and self-sufficient customer – The Now […]

The advance of smartphones and the avalanche of mobile apps are forcing enterprises to rethink their customer care services. Where do mobile apps fit in? How can they complement contact centers to provide user-friendly customer care, allowing customers to interact directly with the enterprise and find answers to service requests? Why should organizations bring everyone […]

Mobile app downloads continue to grow from strength to strength, breaking records and exceeding analyst expectations. However, a raft of reports — including a recent survey by Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project — suggest the appeal of instantly downloading the latest apps is losing its luster. Specifically, the Pew report found the […]

If you’re a consumer-facing organization hoping to use mobile to build a strong, long-lasting relationship with your customers, there’s some good news!  A new survey shows that smartphone owners are increasingly downloading not just games but customer service apps – especially from their mobile carrier, bank and favorite retailers. In fact, 84% of consumers surveyed […]

It’s rare for a telecom company to play up great customer service as a major market differentiator, but that’s exactly what Turkey’s largest mobile operator did — and with results impressive enough to make its competitors and peers sit up and pay attention. Turkcell created a TV commercial to show off “Voice Signature,” a cutting-edge […]

  You’ve been talking to your cell phone for years, but it’s always been to the person on the other end. Thanks to a new breed of smartphone applications – or “apps” – there’s a good chance that some of your future conversations will be with the phone itself. You’re probably familiar with smartphone navigation […]

Hosted IVR is finally gaining momentum. Upwards of 50% of new IVR implementations this year will be hosted.  Even though it’s new to many, a large number of leading enterprises actually adopted hosted IVR several years back.  The attraction at that time was operational savings, OpEx pricing model, business agility, and scalability.  Those are important […]

Smartphones are now the majority of mobile phones in countries such as the United States, and at the end of 2011, nearly 15% of U.S. consumers went online using a tablet, according to eMarketer. By 2014, more than one in three online consumers will use a tablet, the research company predicts. Those statistics increase the […]

Hosted IVR is generating a ton of buzz these days because it’s one of the fastest growing segments of the contact center hosting market.  In North America alone, enterprises spent $606 million on hosted IVR in 2010, according to Frost & Sullivan. Come 2017, they’ll spend $1.08 billion. But what really matters is what’s behind […]

Imagine it’s the early 1970s and you’re a regional bank manager responsible for hundreds of branches and thousands of employees. Your boss asks that you consider installing brand-new automated teller machines (ATMs) so customers don’t actually have to come into your branches for simple transactions. He explains that this new technology will provide customer convenience […]

Fifteen years ago, analysts and investors frequently asked enterprises, “What’s your Internet strategy?” The unspoken corollary was, “If you don’t have one, you’d better get one fast, or you’re toast.” Today the question is, “What’s your mobile strategy?” While 89% of business leaders say they have a mobile strategy in place according to Forrester Research, […]

Smart Grid is causing a revolution in the way energy utilities provide service.  With the rollout of Smart Grids picking up pace over the next few years, there will be more consumers needing more information which almost always equates to more budget needed for customer care.  While data management costs will increase, there is an […]

Banks, telcos and government agencies are just three examples of the organizations that are leveraging voice to streamline and enhance authentication, including on mobile devices A person’s voice is one of a human being’s most unique attributes, as individual as fingerprints and retinas. That distinctiveness makes voiceprints a powerful yet convenient way for enterprises and […]

There are new reports about security breaches related to passwords on a weekly basis, making authentication processes more important than ever. People should be very concerned about using the same password for multiple accounts, because if just one of their accounts is breached, then it’s highly likely that all of their accounts will be compromised. […]

Since the emergence of multi-channel self-service, there is a growing disconnect between the typical strategy employed in telephone self-service design and what many customers actually need. This blog details the results of a survey that Nuance commissioned to uncover customer channel preferences for an array of banking tasks, including recommendations for optimizing the IVR to both […]

First, the good news: Android and iOS users download an average of 10 apps per month. Add in Nielsen’s prediction that in some markets – such as the United States – the installed base of smartphones will outnumber feature phones by the end of this year, and it’s clear that the mobile channel has become […]

The words “fun” and “IVR” aren’t typically used in the same sentence. But thanks to the concept of game mechanics they just might be more often.  In this interview, Eduardo Olvera, Senior UI Designer at Nuance, discusses why the concept is gaining a lot of attention from Contact Center and Customer Experience professionals and explains […]