Brenda Hodge
Brenda leads all aspects of Nuance's marketing function working to develop the go-to-market approach, building the Nuance brand to drive growth, and expanding client relationships to increase loyalty. She joined Nuance from Optum where she most recently served as Chief Marketing Officer for the Provider Market segment. Brenda’s career spans multinational sales and marketing leadership roles at companies such as GloStream, Allscripts/Misys Healthcare Systems, and SAS Institute.
Brenda Hodge’s stories
At the end of the day…the little things matter

Years ago, I remember reading my annual employee feedback, and there was a comment about me being anti-social in an elevator. At the time, I was floored that someone would take the time to write down that I had not spoken to them in an elevator.  My defensive reaction was to wonder why they didn’t […]

At the end of the day…earn your money

I often talk about people with a strong work ethic. Have you ever really thought about what work ethic truly means?  Do you think you have work ethic? I recently attended a keynote presentation by former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning. A great storyteller, Peyton kept the audience fully engaged, but what stayed with me most […]

At the end of the day…you can’t win holding the Queen of Clubs

I learned an important lesson in a leadership class many years ago that I’ve never forgotten. There are times in leadership to get opinions and gain consensus, and there are circumstances where the leader just needs to decide.  The lesson years ago was: if you’ve made the decision, communicate clearly that you have and why. […]

At the end of the day…may we all have more optimism

While flying last week I observed the ultimate level of optimism – a woman who had a roller bag that was going to fit into the overhead bin.  For those that fly often, you’ve all seen it; these optimistic souls…if I place it wheels first, if I turn it around, if I try it sideways, […]

At the end of the day…never stop growing

A small boy was walking slowly with his grandmother as she carefully navigated her cane on the pavement, when suddenly he asked her, “Grandma, do I have to grow up?” The grandma stopped and turned with a smile on her face and said, “Honey, you wouldn’t want to miss it. Growing your body helps you […]

At the end of the day…take time to prioritize your values.

Throughout my career I’ve had the opportunity to learn from some exceptional teachers on leadership; two of them being Ken Blanchard and Ed Ruggero. They stressed the importance of knowing what values are most important to you and discussing these with your team. The hardest part of doing this work is narrowing it down to […]

At the end of the day…just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

People that know me well would never guess that I was a computer science/math double major in college. I enjoyed my studies. Math always came easy for me and computer programming was a welcomed challenge. When I started interviewing my senior year, I considered many types of positions: sales, marketing, software engineer — all for high tech companies. […]

showing kindnessAt the end of the day…you will never regret being kind

I was traveling recently and had a frustrating experience at the hotel. My first inclination—like so many of us, I’m sure—was to head straight to the front desk and make my complaint known. But I paused, took a breath, and reminded myself of a simple axiom: I will never regret being kind. Instead of angrily […]

At the end of the day…everything we do either helps or hurts our health.

While attending the CHIME conference last month, one of the keynote speakers shared a statistic that struck me: “80% of healthcare costs are self-inflicted. We are contributing to chronic disease by what we eat, drink, and smoke.” That really got my attention. Not only did I realize that we as individuals can help curb chronic […]

penguin jumping off an icebergAt the end of the day…it’s about growing and thriving by embracing change

We live and work in an industry experiencing continuous and accelerating change. It is through these transitions that we must recognize that change is good for us—personally, professionally, culturally. Yet many of us fear change, and do so for a variety of reasons. Perhaps we’re afraid to fail, afraid of criticism, afraid of the uncertainty […]

At the end of the day….it’s about the patients.

There was a newborn baby who had an abnormal x-ray; we’ll call this newborn baby Christian. The medical team at the hospital where baby Christian was being seen, urgently sought assistance from the Chief Quality Officer of their healthcare system. Upon getting a call from the neonatal team, this physician asked them to share the […]

At the end of the day…it’s about listening to your customers

Last month in Florida, I was absorbing some great discussions with our Executive Client Council (ECC), a group of C-level executives from the nation’s leading health systems. I was closely following a dialog rich in insight when I was struck by two simultaneous thoughts: (1) we should do this more often, and (2) why don’t more marketers […]