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One of the cornerstones of any managed print services (MPS) strategy is the optimization of the print environment. Most MPS engagements begin with an initial assessment of the printing fleet, which is conducted pre-sales and focuses on installed hardware and print volumes by device in order to establish a baseline for MPS contract terms. This […]

When looking for ways to print “greener,” perhaps the most logical place to start is with the people who actually print. Consider that most of us go about our day, unaware of the dramatic, compounding costs associated. So the question remains: How can you get your staff to think before they print? Nuance has found […]

Few events can damage a company’s reputation and consumer trust more than the misuse or loss of sensitive personal data. As well as brand damage, data breach incidents can lead to substantial financial costs, including legal penalties.  Consequently, businesses are under intense pressure to protect the ever-growing volume of information that they store, but must […]

According to Forrester Research, tablet sales are expected to explode from 56 million units in 2011 to a whopping 375 million units by 2016. More importantly, Forrester predicts that approximately one-third of the tablets sold in 2016 will be purchased by businesses. Tablet usage will soon be commonplace in the business sector, fueled by new […]

To overcome the challenges of driving enhanced value from MPS engagements, organizations must shift their MPS solutions to achieve the strategic goals of digitizing more business processes and automating workflows that stubbornly remain paper based. It sounds simple, but to achieve maximum results, your MPS provider must be equipped with the proper software solutions and […]

Many companies today would like to exert more control over their printing environments as a way to eliminate waste, reduce costs, and even increase security. Yet, a recent survey from Quocirca, an independent research and analyst firm, shows that a surprisingly low number of companies are currently using print management tools to achieve these goals. […]

The cost of doing business continues to rise, and it remains the most significant challenge facing most organizations today. Now more than ever, companies look for ways to reduce costs and strengthen the bottom line. Printing has historically been thought of as a necessary but unmeasured business expense, but that is not the case today. […]