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Tips on how healthcare organizations can plan and manage resources for improved productivity and accuracy post- ICD-10 implementation.

ICD-10 implementation and planning has been a like a dust storm looming on the horizon: swirling, unpredictable, and a somewhat painful experience. Because of its erratic nature, for the most part, we have all been focused on the challenges of meeting the deadline.  We’ve been preparing, planning, allocating resources, testing, tweaking, and testing again.  But […]

ICD-10 has required HIM professionals many different leadership roles

The last twelve months leading up to the ICD-10 transition have been a whirlwind.  In fact, as I look back, I am in slight disbelief that ICD-10 is actually about to happen. At times, it has seemed a near impossible feat, while at other times, it’s been extremely exciting.  The amount of drama wrapped in […]

Health IT regulations and ICD-10 Jeopardy

While some are looking for another bill to derail the ICD-10 adoption, the majority of healthcare providers (hospitals and, yes, physicians) are frustrated with any suggestion of a delay, given all the time, energy, and resources that have been devoted to preparation over the last ten years. Health providers seized the opportunity to embrace technology, […]

The little boy who cried wolf and ICD-10 alert fatigue

I used to tell my daughter the scary story that my dad used to tell my family about the “Boy Who Cried Wolf.”  It is the story of a young man who liked to stir up drama with false rumors about a hungry wolf, so much so that when the townspeople were in actual danger, […]

Avoiding Outpatient Coding Denials

Time is money.  It’s a well-known phrase that applies to every industry whether you are repairing a broken pipe or scrolling through endless pages of physician dictation to find the specific detail needed for a code.  Efficiency is a key component to keeping down costs. Nearly 30 percent of hospitals report denials for outpatient coding […]

The amount of data is not shrinking, and while experts across every industry are grappling with how to best manage such copious amounts of information, health information management (HIM) teams have been working with large volumes of clinical data since the profession began in 1928 to “elevate the standards of clinical records in hospitals and […]

Data has become the vital component against which all things are measured— from determining short-term efficacy to developing long-range strategies. As a result, a new role is emerging in many industries, the Data Quality Officer (DQO), who is entrusted with ensuring data health, analyzing trends, and deriving actionable insights from the information. While this role […]

In its latest news, CMS announced that Oct. 1, 2015 is the ‘new’ final ICD-10 compliance date. “ICD-10 codes will provide better support for patient care, and improve disease management, quality measurement and analytics,” argues CMS in its July 31 announcement.  I could not agree more! My advice is stay positive, nimble and be wise […]

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The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) represents 74,000 members who have been preparing for ICD-10 for years.  With the transition date now at least 16 months away, we must think about the impact this has on the workforce that was hired or educated with the original date in mind. Across the U.S, ICD-10 transformation […]

As part of the 2014 inpatient hospital payment policy, CMS announced what has become known as the “Two-Midnight Rule.”  This rule states that hospital stays lasting longer than two days – defined as a stay that spans at least two midnights – will be deemed as legitimate uses of inpatient care and not subject to […]

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Now that football season is in full swing, the commonalities between the NFL (or SEC college football, which is my favorite) and health information management (HIM) teams are quite apparent: all the training, strategy development, and those incredible milestone wins.  And, of course, we must be ‘all in!’ When training for anything, it is always […]

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With the everyday hustle and the ever-changing healthcare landscape, it can become easy to overlook those programs and teams who are constantly monitoring data, checking accuracy and ensuring vital patient information meets quality and compliance measures.  But the reality is that clinical data and the health information management (HIM) professionals who oversee just that have […]

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One of the most suspenseful moments in any movie is when the protagonist, who has been desperately searching for answers throughout the many plot twists, comes upon a locked box or room and slips a key into a worn lock.  If it’s a particularly suspenseful film, that moment might even cause you to hold your […]

The old saying, “The only constant thing is change,” has withstood the test of time for a reason: it’s true.  Federal regulations and policies are forever in flux, and whether you’re steering a small physician practice or a large health organization through the upcoming ICD-10 transition, the smallest modifications can create a ripple effect that […]

Yes, ICD-10 preparation is very important. Healthcare providers have a renewed focus on clinical documentation integrity as they must be ready for the increased complexity in ICD-10 coding. Right around the next corner, hospital professionals face the increasing challenges of payment reform, value-based purchasing and accountable care.  Clinical documentation integrity is vitally important for all […]