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  Our connected world enhances productivity but also enhances risk. Protecting data is a modern battleground with organizations under attack every day. To best defend themselves, organizations must take every step to ensure its infrastructure is properly configured, deployed and maintained. If they don’t it isn’t a matter of if they will be attacked, but […]

Data capture helps make the value of dark data come to light

The term dark data reminds me of an old Star Trek episode, in which the Starship Enterprise travels to the far reaches of the galaxy to investigate what the crew believes to be a lightning storm in space. They search the darkness, unsure whether a natural phenomenon or an evil mastermind lies ahead. What they found was […]


Today, many (if not most) companies face many different challenges in managing IT infrastructure, including systems, applications and hardware. This is especially true when it comes to their fleets of printers, scanners, and multifunction printers (MFPs) as well as any related software or workflow solutions. To be more specific, these challenges can include: Inconsistent user […]


We’ve talked about common print challenges in previous blog articles before, with the intent to show how overcoming them can help organizations improve their print management efforts to reduce costs and other waste, improve their ability to “go green” and improve security. But what if your organization still faces all of these challenges, all at […]


Last week, we celebrated Earth Day with a blog article that highlighted five powerful benefits any organization stands to gain by reducing its overall carbon footprint. Not surprisingly, reducing paper consumption is one of the most obvious ways to achieve this goal, which is why companies in all industries are doing all they can to […]


Let’s face it: Cyber-security challenges are getting worse today, not better. For example, recent research shows that the number of data breaches rose in 2016 to a total of 1,093 (up from 781 in 2015), and that the percentage of U.S. adults that suffered some kind of security incident in 2016 now stands at 51 […]


For most healthcare organizations, patients and paper go together — you can’t have one without the other. Even organizations that have achieved late-stage Meaningful Use still process and print high volumes of documents every day. This massive amount of paper is hard to track and costly to manage. And it poses a serious risk of […]


Today, most organizations are looking for new ways to improve existing processes and workflows, increase productivity and enhance security and compliance efforts. As they do, many of them turn to PDF solutions to effectively manage their most important documents. Take for example Baker & Associates, a firm representing 20 or more wastewater treatment equipment manufacturers […]


Just about every organization today faces the need to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and boost employee productivity, all without “taking anything away,” or sacrificing essential services. Yet how to achieve this goal usually raises more questions than answers. Specifically, where should companies start? What part of the business should they focus on? Where are the […]


Our final article on the topic of print architecture discusses the many factors to consider when deploying a network printing architecture. Previous blog articles have highlighted the two main architectures often used: Traditional print servers and direct IP printing. We have also looked at the TCO arguments for use cases where each makes financial sense. […]


In the world of legal services, time is quite literally money. Law firms must be able to account for every minute being allocated to a case, and the associated costs being charged to the client. That requirement for accountability includes document workflow. And if your firm is like most others, you are acutely aware of […]


Our third blog in a series of print architecture articles to help network managers and IT professionals optimize IT infrastructure for network printing.   In our last post, we discussed two different network printing architectures: Print server-based printing and Direct IP based printing. Using total cost of ownership (TCO) data for desktop PCs and servers […]


Call it yet another example of sad but true: The number of security breaches and attempted hacks continue to increase each year. These security attacks are not isolated to one vertical; they affect almost every industry including healthcare, finance, and retail. And when breaches do occur, they can be devastating in terms of penalties, fines […]

Nuance print management solutions secures information and processes

As the old he saying goes, “The cobbler’s children have no shoes.” It’s not unusual for technology companies today to be like the cobbler — struggling with the same challenges they frequently solve for their customers. Why? Often it is because the company is so focused on client implementation and success that internal resources are […]


In our last post, we alluded to an emerging alternative to the traditional print server architecture, which delivers a compelling TCO argument. Today, we will discuss direct IP network printing, which utilizes idle desktop CPU cycles and takes pressure off traditional network print servers. IT managers today face tough decisions when planning network printing architectures. […]

Effective print architecture can improve total cost of ownership

This post is designed to deliver helpful information related to optimizing your infrastructure. More specifically, this content will help network and server managers optimize IT infrastructure for network printing. Today, print management is undergoing a revolution. IT departments historically have focused on reducing the “cost per page” metric. Maybe your company has tried: Applying authentication […]

Law firms can use print management solutions to gain better business results

Where judges’ robes, gavels and the scales of justice are images most associated with the legal profession, printers, scanners and copiers are where the real work gets done. Yet many law firms don’t do as much as they can to get the most out of printing processes to maximize business results. As copier fleets get […]


How times have changed. Ten to twenty years ago, many companies (if not most) probably thought the idea of “going green” would cost too much, waste too many resources, and not have an impact on their bottom line. Translation: not worth their time. Fast forward to today. Now the vast majority of companies (if not […]

Mobile employee using Document Capture Solution

Could using smart phones to capture data from paper documents change how companies do business? Mobile capture is something that’s catching on across various industries. For those unfamiliar, this technology uses smart phones or other mobile devices to take a picture of paper documents and produce a working digital copy. An October 2015 post on […]