Camie Schwan’s stories

During a recent unexpected trip to see my family, I found myself in the middle of the North Dakota winter. Extreme cold, snow and blowing winds welcomed me back to my home state. I was fortunate to be able to borrow a car from my father-in-law’s business instead of paying for a rental car. The […]

Her car gives her personalized directions, upcoming meetings, news headlines and more - at the sound of her voice.

Personalizing the connected car experience is well, personal, and that means it’s impossible to have a one-size-fits-all approach.  Further, bringing personalized and enhanced connectivity to the consumer without losing brand image can be challenging for the OEM – consumers need to have an incredibly intuitive experience that is also customized to meet their needs. According […]

Having Slacker Radio in your Toyota Entune or Lexus Enform Dragon Drive-equipped car is like having a DJ in your dashboard

It seems almost everything is made for the ‘on the go’ lifestyle – our food, our books, our computers and music. I’m definitely aging myself when I admit to rewinding a cassette tape so many times I wore it to the complete slow motion sound, much to my parents dismay – all to hear that […]

Life is busy – you know that feeling all too well, don’t you? Wouldn’t a little help right at the moment that you need it be nice? It’s the forgotten email to your boss that you happen to remember while driving, or remembering that it’s your day to pick up your son and his friend […]