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A picture window — the view from a picture window is so beautiful that it looks like a picture? What about the windshield? The dynamic view through the windshield can make it a breathtaking view off a narrow mountain pass or a calming view through rural rolling hills, or can be the dirtiest view of […]

Several years ago, I lived and worked a year in Reno, Nevada. Deemed the “Biggest Little City in the World”, my heart holds a special place for the perfectly planned city. Contrary to popular belief, this small town is actually hundreds of miles from Las Vegas, Nevada. Instead, Reno resides on the east side a […]

When it comes to autonomous vehicles it is not enough to simply strive for innovative, but instead achieve ideal interactions

Who do you trust? Why do you trust them? For me trust is the measure of a true friend. If I don’t trust someone, then that person and I aren’t close. There is something so instinctual with feeling the security and safety of trust. In fact, safety needs are primal — just after our physiological […]

Bringing Deadtime to Life

Tap, tappy, tap…this is me drumming at the steering wheel waiting for the car to warm up just a few more degrees so that I may peer through the frost-covered glass and start the weekday commute. Detroit is a city of drivers. Shaped like a pinwheel, branching out like spokes from the center point of […]

Nuance DRIVE Lab study explores acceptance of automotive assistants detecting emotions

Automakers take pride in the emotional connections drivers build with their cars, as they have for generations.  Each automaker has its own feeling – its own brand – carefully crafted for drivers, down to the smallest detail, creating generation-spanning loyalty. The measure of success for automakers is a driver that comes back to buy or […]

The Detroit drivers make cars and the Nuance DRIVE lab is trying to make these cars even better.

Who knows cars? You may imagine a taxi driver whose brow is filled with sweat, but the driver’s dance around the busy New York streets is graceful and precise. You may imagine the busy business person riding the brakes and doing one too many tasks while trying to get down the 101 before the first […]