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Contestants for the Winograd Schema Challenge build intelligent systems to test natural language and reasoning capabilities.

In 2014, Nuance along with announced plans for a Winograd Schema Challenge – a call for students, research and academia to design programs that leverage AI to demonstrate reasoning capabilities by answering Winograd Schema questions. The Winograd Schema Challenge is an alternative to the Turing Test (short free-form questions) that provides a more accurate […]

Two things so different can live in harmony - these are the positive effects of artificial intelligence on humanity

One of the most captivating scenes from the recent Alan Turing biopic, The Imitation Game, sees Benedict Cumberbatch as Turing defend his perspective on the idea of machines being capable of thinking: The vision. Turing was one of the pioneers of computer science; his research presaged the development of the field of artificial intelligence (AI). […]


In what Winston Churchill called the single biggest contribution to the Allied victory over Nazi Germany during the Second World War, the breaking of the German naval Enigma code was a feat of international importance and technological prowess. The man behind the code breaking, Alan Turing, is now known as one of the most significant […]


The Internet of Things has arrived – and in great speed and size. Billions of devices are connecting to clouds of data and information, creating a world of apps, devices, systems and services that have access to a seemingly endless amount of content and knowledge. Knowledge is that transformative element that will breathe cognitive life into […]