Chris Caile
Chris Caile joined Nuance in September 2015 as senior solutions marketing manager for Nuance Conversational IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Before joining Nuance, Caile worked in various marketing and sales support positions at Microsoft and Motorola and has over 20 years of experience in the high tech industry. Caile holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Illinois State University with minors in mathematics and economics.
Chris Caile’s stories
Is there new life for the IVR in the cloud? You bet.

Alexa—play my ‘Please don’t put me on hold again’ playlist When they’re finally gone, will you miss those rickety, old-school IVRs? No, me neither. Most traditional IVRs deliver a pretty underwhelming customer experience—and that needs to change. Gartner is predicting that, by 2023, customers will prefer to use speech interfaces to initiate 70% of self-service […]

IVRs and AI, unite!

While IVRs have been invaluable in reducing contact center costs, we need to be honest: not many are delivering experiences that live up to consumer expectations. It’s no surprise given the rise of digital—which led many organizations to abandon focus and investment in their IVR in favor of mobile, websites and social channels. But digital […]

Advance your IVR to the Final Four

The NCAA Tournament Final Four is upon us! Brackets have been busted. Office pools across the country are ruined. And that guy in accounting who picks teams based on their mascot is the only one happy. The basketball teams themselves – Michigan State, Auburn, Texas Tech, and Virginia – are excitedly preparing for their big […]

Keto or Atkins? IVR or Voice bots?

Low carb, South Beach, Atkins, paleo, and keto. Say them fast enough and it feels like you are singing the classic Billy Joel song “We Didn’t Start the Fire”. What do they have in common? They are all variations of the same type of diet that focuses on low or no carbs and higher fat […]

Seamless customer experience is critical. But it’s not always easy.

Forrester’s Customer Experience Forum last month featured the theme of “Seamless customer experiences”. With a range of top-notch panelists from Amazon, USAA, Google, Schwab and many more sharing their experiences, the discussion was enlightening and informative. Below are my four key takeaways relevant for anyone trying to deliver customer experiences that provide a competitive edge: […]

Predict why customers engage? It’s no fantasy

Football is back and that means fantasy football leagues are in full swing. Every owner is searching for the winning combination. While each has their own strategy such as selecting players from their local team (Go Hawks!), every owner is counting on one thing – strong predictions. Analysts and pundits all try to guess which […]

Leave the IVR hold line behind

Would you stand in line to talk to a bank teller if you could get your questions answered from a kiosk five feet away? No, of course not. Or how about waiting on hold for product support if the same answer was waiting for you on the company website? Only true line lovers opt to […]

World Cup teaches lessons on service

The World Cup is winding down, and this weekend we’ll know if either France or Croatia will lift the cup. The tournament has captivated viewers worldwide with great goals, colorful fans, and even some interesting language. During a recent game I heard a wonderful turn of phrase by a British announcer that caused me to […]

Offer great customer service for everyday loyalty

May 1st is National Loyalty Day, which was first observed in 1921 as a day set aside for the reaffirmation of loyalty to the United States. It’s nice for citizens to show their commitment to their country as it brings people together for a common cause. Can the same be said for businesses? How many […]

Gold standard vs. good enough

Every two years the Olympics come around and treat us to the best athletes competing and showing us what excellence means. This year it’s the winter competitors who will shine. Their talent is amazing and feats of skill breathtaking. But the best part of the story is behind the scenes. It’s their commitment to be […]

Be the MVP for Super Customer Service

This Sunday will be the 52nd Super Bowl (that’s Super Bowl LII if you read Roman numerals) featuring the Philadelphia Eagles vs. the New England Patriots. Each team will focus on a couple areas to help them win – moving easily down the field to score and not turning the ball over. Both are apt […]

Develop your IVR on your own with the help of the right tooling suiteFinding the right tools for DIY IVR

Home improvement is big business for a simple reason that every homeowner knows well – every home ALWAYS needs something done. Whether they enjoy doing the work or loathe it, there’s no getting around it – continuing maintenance is always necessary. Homeowners have a choice with every fix – do it themselves or hire professionals. […]