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The term “visual IVR” has been used loosely to describe many possible ways of combining the visual display on mobile phones with speech-enabled IVRs (interactive virtual response). A visual IVR can blend native mobile app functionality with an IVR or with HTML5 from SMS triggers while in a call, but there are myriad other possibilities […]

They say that talk is cheap, but adding conversational speech to your IVR does require an investment. The good news is that it starts delivering ROI really quickly, within nine months or less on average. Better yet, the payoff can be huge! In fact, some companies save millions of dollars annually by improving self-service automation […]

It’s no secret that consumer multi-tasking is a part of daily life. In fact, it’s rapidly morphing into something that TRENDWATCHING.COM has dubbed “hypertasking” and it’s sneaking into all aspects of our daily lives. Google’s new Multi-Screen Research shows that 81% of us use our smartphones while watching television. Nielsen surveys offer further proof, revealing […]

In this information-saturated age, could people really want more communications? Surprisingly enough, they do. Consumers have a growing appetite for communications, as long as it’s provided on their terms. Recent research* shows that people welcome having an ongoing dialog with the companies they do business with. According to a 2013 survey, each week the average […]

If your mother is anything like mine, she stressed the importance of making a good first impression. After all, you only get one chance. The same rule holds true in customer service. Delivering a great customer experience—from the initial contact—creates a positive impression of your brand. And, as studies have shown, there’s a strong link […]

In recent years, there’s been a major shift in consumer adoption of speech recognition technology for interacting with systems and devices. Today, the majority of consumers (83%) prefer having the option of a conversation with their personal assistants and apps, and an overwhelming majority says that a positive experience with a company’s mobile app will […]

Currently, there is massive buzz surrounding the importance of growing digital customer service channels—and for good reason. Consumer adoption of web, social media and mobile customer service is definitely on the rise. Despite these trends, however, the phone remains the most preferred and impactful channel. But, don’t just take my word for it. Forrester’s “Top […]

Technology is changing our world. Specifically, consumer adoption of technology is shifting the way people manage their lives and, consequently, the way they expect to manage their relationships with businesses.  Unfortunately, too many technologies are introduced into people’s lives that promise to simplify but actually present complexity. That’s just wrong. Technology should adapt to people […]

I recently read an informative Forrester Research report “Customer Experience in the Post-PC Era,” by Tony Costa, a senior analyst focused on customer experience. The April 2013 report discusses how rapid consumer adoption of mobile devices, new interfaces, and the different behaviors they encourage are changing consumer experience expectations and quickly rendering traditional experience design […]

These days it seems that every company I encounter has all sorts of transformative ideas and plans for investing in their websites and mobile apps. I get the attraction. It’s easy to see the advantage of improving self-service across these increasingly popular channels.  Still, it baffles me that most of these same forward-looking companies have […]

If there’s one undeniable trend in IVR, it’s that enterprises, government agencies and other organizations are migrating to hosted solutions. In 2012, Ovum estimates that hosted and managed speech services will account for 60 percent of the total spending on IVR speech solutions in North America. This percentage is expected to grow through 2016 as […]

Could your premises-based IVR handle a sudden, eightfold increase in daily call volumes? It’s not a farfetched scenario. On the Sunday before Hurricane Sandy, one major U.S. airline fielded 400,000 calls, up from 50,000 on a typical Sunday. That kind of sharp increase isn’t limited to storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters. It also occurs […]

The Cloud is the one to watch, with surveys and reports ranking it high in the list of 2012 mega-trends. But the real story isn’t about the unlimited storage the Cloud offers companies and consumers to stockpile their digital stuff. The Cloud is moving up the business agenda because it facilitates the easy deployment of […]

If you have a contact center, small or large, chances are that you’ve already moved some of your customer care infrastructure to the cloud. It’s no longer a new trend; it’s an organizational standard.  Frost & Sullivan forecasts hosted contact center revenues to grow at 34.1% annually from 2009 through 2013. Why are companies moving […]