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Physician adoption of EHRs – don’t throw the baby out with the bath water

We did it. Healthcare has successfully adopted electronic health records (EHRs). Thanks to multiple government-driven carrots and sticks – and general industry agreement that it was inevitable anyway – most clinicians have transitioned from documenting in paper to digital format. So why isn’t everyone celebrating? It’s the big elephant in the room. Industry-wide, there’s a […]

Patient sits with doctor for examination

Not all clinicians decide the same thing at the same time, such as when to direct patients to an ER, admit them or send them home, which is why we get variations in quality, costs, and even outcomes. Value-based care and data analytics are supposed to help minimize those variations, highlighting the best care for […]

radiologist examines patient scan using cloud-based medical technology

Physicians today spend half their day typing patient information into electronic medical record systems or doing other administrative work, according to a 2016 study by the American Medical Association. This is taking the joy out of practicing medicine and leading to unprecedented frustration and burnout. We did not go to medical school to sit behind […]

Accurate clinical documentation helps hospitals and patients measure quality of care

CMS released star ratings for thousands of hospitals around the U.S. in July, receiving mostly negative feedback. This feedback has come from everyone from industry stakeholders to care providers to members of Congress who believe the ratings aren’t fair. I’m supportive of the push for transparency, but I have to say I agree with them […]

Physicians play high stake games if documentation is not thorough

Many physicians today are baffled by how quality of care is measured, and how that information makes its way to the public in different ways and with varying degrees of credibility. Not only are hospitals publicly ranked in terms of quality performance, consumers can now read online reviews, and compare physicians and hospitals based on details […]

How clinical documentation improvement prepares organizaations for value-based care

The transition to value-based care is putting hospitals’ performance to the test. Healthcare leaders must ensure that their organizations can maintain reimbursement levels, while effectively treating patients and gathering accurate data to prove value and assess performance. Most people don’t know where to start to mitigate the risks. In a recent HealthLeaders survey, 38% of […]

Physician scorecards are an important part of managing online reputations

I’m a family medicine physician who has been training residents and medical leaders since President George Bush, Sr. was in office. In that time, I’ve found very few things that get physicians to spring into action or worry outside of a “code blue.” We’re trained to stay calm, methodical in nature, after all, we are […]

Patients choose physicians based on online quality scores and reviews online physician reviews by millennial patients

The site Rotten Tomatoes has become the trusted source and gold standard for film reviews en masse.  The principle is simple: viewers rate movies, television shows, and discuss movie trailers.  It’s like a litmus test for public opinion, complete with a “Fresh Picks” section, which showcases newly-rated releases.  The site is known for its brutally […]

Speaking doctor leads to better patient care and predicting patient population health

I’ve worked as a CMO at hospital systems for much of my career, and one thing that I’ve learned is the importance of knowing how to speak doctor. This means listening for clues one physician shares with another about a patient that are critical to their immediate assessment and delivery of patient care.  Physicians can […]

How doctors provide quality care with limited time

About a year ago, there was a great commercial that depicted the slowing of time as a free-falling, but worry-free, James Franco uses his smartphone to chart a safe landing on the billowy awning of a restaurant dozens of stories below.  There probably isn’t a single person who hasn’t, at one point or another, wished […]