Ed McGuiggan
Ed McGuiggan is General Manager for the Dragon Professional and Consumer business, overseeing the strategy for Nuance's Dragon speech recognition and documentation product line. Ed has held various leadership roles within Nuance over the past two decades, including the creation, development, and expansion of the company’s worldwide eCommerce business, as well as the management of the Corporate and Retail sales teams. Prior to joining Nuance in 1997, Ed held senior management roles at FTP Software and Corporate Software, Inc. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communications from Emerson College.
Ed McGuiggan’s stories
Exciting advances in speech recognition for law enforcement

As budgets tighten and recruitment and retention challenges show no signs of abating for law enforcement, we’ve been working closely with agencies across the US to help their officers achieve more with fewer resources. Using Dragon Law Enforcement, our dedicated, locally installed, speech recognition solution, we’ve helped hundreds of agencies make major improvements in the […]

Dragon Speech Recognition is moving to the cloud. Here’s what it means for the legal sector.

This year, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of our speech recognition software, Dragon. When we debuted Dragon at the World Trade Center in NYC, speech recognition was just starting to take off, and people in every industry were beginning to realize its potential. Now, a quarter of a century later, speech recognition and dictation solutions […]

Happy 25th Birthday, Dragon!

“Is it perfect, is it the computer in Star Trek?… no…. but overall, it’s doing a really good job. And that makes it a big step forward.” Michael Miller, Editor-in-Chief, PC Magazine, 1997 So said the Editor-in-Chief of PC Magazine, Michael Miller in 1997, when Dragon Systems (now Nuance) released Dragon NaturallySpeaking at the World […]

New report: The state of law enforcement paperwork in 2021

This year, we interviewed law enforcement professionals in a variety of roles to build a detailed snapshot of their day-to-day paperwork requirements, and how they approach them using different tools and systems. This research provided another interesting angle: how law enforcement’s documentation burden and general workload has increased during the pandemic. Our respondents saw a […]

Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2021: How to ensure digital environments work for everyone

More than 1 billion people worldwide are affected by some form of disability or impairment – in fact, 80% of disability is invisibile. And though the world runs on digital services, they often aren’t built or optimized with accessibility in mind, which means websites, applications, and tools underserve a considerable part of the global population. […]

NATIONAL-BANK improves customer service with Nuance Dragon Professional Anywhere

Headquartered in Essen, NATIONAL-BANK is one of Germany’s leading regional banks. Throughout its long history, it has provided financial services founded on local expertise, independent advice, and—perhaps most important of all—close, personal relationships with its private and commercial customers. Like many institutions, NATIONAL-BANK has embarked on digitization initiatives to reflect changing times and evolving customer […]

Working better, faster, and smarter: conversational AI solutions for remote work

There are several lessons to be learned from the COVID-19 pandemic—lessons like patience, creativity, resiliency, the value of slowing down. From a business perspective, we also have learned that some of us can do our work from anywhere. And as we consider the short-, medium-, and long-term effects of the pandemic on the global workforce, […]

Expressing gratitude for law enforcement officials during National Police Week

Each year on May 15th, tens of thousands of law enforcement officials gather in Washington, D.C. to pay tribute to those who were injured or lost their lives in the line of duty. Known as National Peace Officers Memorial Day, as it was designated by President John F. Kennedy in 1962, this day happens during […]

Making a difference at IACP 2019

Since 2016, Nuance has been proud to exhibit at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference, this year held in Chicago.  Each year I challenge my team to reflect on their discussions with law enforcement professionals, the trends taking shape in law enforcement, and ultimately how our exhibit and activities at IACP will […]