Elyse Kufeldt’s stories

So you want to make a robot that talks to people. It’s not as simple as you think. It’s hard to imagine the complexity of human language when it comes so naturally to you. Unlike visual design, where it’s pretty easy to self-determine whether or not you have artistic talent and ability (especially if you’re anything […]

Businesses should focus on creating a design-led IVR solution to enhance the customer experience.

Just as a screenwriter needs their star performer to produce a blockbuster, businesses need to have outstanding customer experience to develop customer loyalty. And once businesses have a good understanding of their customer needs, they need to focus on building an experience that meets those needs in a way that is simple and easy. Otherwise, […]

HBO’s Silicon Valley isn’t the only place where companies need to focus on solving real customer pain points.

As a tech company employee, I’m a huge fan of HBO’s Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is a comedy TV show which focuses on six men who found a media file compression company, Pied Piper, in the notorious Bay Area. These characters, most notably Richard Hendricks as the company’s founder, experience many struggles and accomplishments throughout […]

Turn your IVR into a movie star with a full-bodied experience, beyond just voice talent.

Thriller. Action. Romantic comedy. Sci-fi. Reading each of these words gives most of us an immediate sense of recognition – genres are designed to give us a set of specific expectations in order to help us categorize and understand experiences. You go to a movie, you watch a trailer, and within moments you manage to […]