Elyse Kufeldt’s stories
Businesses should focus on creating a design-led IVR solution to enhance the customer experience.

Just as a screenwriter needs their star performer to produce a blockbuster, businesses need to have outstanding customer experience to develop customer loyalty. And once businesses have a good understanding of their customer needs, they need to focus on building an experience that meets those needs in a way that is simple and easy. Otherwise, […]

HBO’s Silicon Valley isn’t the only place where companies need to focus on solving real customer pain points.

As a tech company employee, I’m a huge fan of HBO’s Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is a comedy TV show which focuses on six men who found a media file compression company, Pied Piper, in the notorious Bay Area. These characters, most notably Richard Hendricks as the company’s founder, experience many struggles and accomplishments throughout […]

Turn your IVR into a movie star with a full-bodied experience, beyond just voice talent.

Thriller. Action. Romantic comedy. Sci-fi. Reading each of these words gives most of us an immediate sense of recognition – genres are designed to give us a set of specific expectations in order to help us categorize and understand experiences. You go to a movie, you watch a trailer, and within moments you manage to […]