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May of us probably take the cloud for granted – we’re used to being connected wherever we are: at home, on the road , at the most remote places of the world. 35% of new cars sold globally in 2015 offer connectivity and this number is expected to grow to close to 100% by 2020. We Rely […]

Image alt-text: UK Germany interview of a driver who wants personalized connected car technology

As a driver, we all seek information when we’re on the road. From the route we’re taking, to the weather forecast or even if we’ll have enough fuel to get there, many of us consider all of this information to be vital to ensure we reach our destinations simply and without unnecessary distress. Traditionally, this […]

The Future Mobility vehicle becomes a contextual and highly personalized digital living space.

During the Nuance Automotive Innovation Day held March 7th in Palo Alto, CA, I had the opportunity to connect with Margarete Wies, Vice President Advanced UX Design at Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America Inc. Here’s what she had to say about the future of the connected car.   Fatima Vital: What is top of […]

Drivers wouldn’t have to spend so much time stuck in traffic jams if they had the right contextually-aware infotainment system

I just returned from our family skiing vacation, a wonderful week in the Austrian Alps. The only grain of salt was the 11 hours’ drive back, partly stuck in various traffic jams. The good side: It gave me plenty of time to think about the experience I wanted when in my car: I found myself […]


I have to admit: I love my car. I feel very close to it. Not only because it’s beautifully designed or because of its powerful engine, but admittedly, I love the image that comes with it, or actually that comes with the brand. From an objective point of view, it probably doesn’t drive better than […]

The contents under the hood of a car have always been one of the topmost priorities for the world’s leading automakers. After all, a car’s primary purpose has typically been safely shepherding us from Point A to Point B. But automakers understand that in today’s world of connectivity and instant gratification, cars need to evolve […]

Nuance has long been a provider of innovative voice and gesture technology for a variety of devices in the mobile space, including phones, tablets and televisions. Nuance expanded its offerings to the automobile in 2012 through its Dragon Drive solution, which leverages Nuance’s voice recognition and text-to-speech technologies to empower drivers with services like hands-free, […]

The world of connected cars is rapidly expanding with demand for accessing content safely on the road increasing with every accelerating step on the gas pedal. And innovations, particularly in domains of voice and natural language understanding, have made significant progress toward being a viable piece of a solution for minimizing dangerous manual-visual distractions. Today, […]

Today we announced that our own Dragon Drive voice capabilities are behind the new voice-enabled Kenwood connected receiver with DVD entertainment – with models in cars across North America and Europe. So, what does this mean for you? This new Kenwood connected receiver infotainment system will serve up navigation, content, music, calendar access, RSS newsfeeds, […]

Just released on January 31st, Vocalizer Expressive from Nuance transforms text-to-speech with an amazing new level of expressivity. You’ll immediately notice that the voice now has a unique personality and sounds more realistic than ever. Behind the scenes, Nuance’s advanced technology has optimized the read out of long text, so the speech output quality is […]

CES calls it the “year of the connected car” and Its no secret that Dragon Drive is making the in-car conversational experience a widespread reality. Two key announcements at CES attested to its growing popularity. First, Nuance and Chrysler announced that Nuance’s automotive grade connected car platform is powering the voice capabilities of Chrysler’s Uconnect […]

Another announcement at CES revealed that Nuance’s voice capabilities will be integrated as part of a new portfolio of ZTE Android devices worldwide. The result will be a “diverse set of mobile applications and devices” that foster a more natural, human interaction between people and their ZTE phones with support for more than 25 languages. […]

This year’s Nuance-hosted Automotive Forum Detroit was the largest ever – drawing an international audience of more than 100 customers to Birmingham, Michigan. Attendees from the industry’s most innovative car manufacturers and content providers gathered to experience the intuitive connected car first hand and to check out the latest and greatest voice-enabled demos. Once again, […]

Congratulations to start-up BeCouply for winning Ford’s SYNC AppLink Developer Challenge during the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon for their date idea suggestion app, Dates.fm.   The event allowed developers the opportunity to create mobile apps that take advantage of Ford’s SYNC System with voice powered by Nuance.  Dates.fm allows couples to “tune in” to relevant location-based date […]

Picture this – you’re driving home on a beautiful, warm summer evening and you suddenly decide it would be a great night for a spontaneous get together. You can simply dictate: “Hi! Fancy a picnic by the river today at 6:30? I’ll bring the salad. Who can bring the wine?” Send it to your best […]

Consumers crave constant connectivity – anytime, anywhere – including behind the wheel.  But engaging that content in an intelligent, intuitive way is critical.  Enter Dragon Drive! Dragon Drive! is Nuance’s new automotive-grade natural-language voice platform created and designed for the connected car, providing automakers and suppliers the ability to bring eyes-free, hands-free message dictation  and direct access […]