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After a lot of hard work behind the scenes, we’re excited to finally launch Nuance IQ—the home of AI innovation. Each quarter through a webinar, infohub and digital magazine, we’ll take an in-depth look at the freshest insights and biggest innovations in AI across the world. Nuance IQ is packed with exciting advancements in the […]

Digital transformation really is happening! It’s not just a pie-in-the-sky notion for an enterprise or organization to undergo digital transformation. It really does happen – and it’s happening now. Many companies don’t see the disruption headed their way, coming from those who are succeeding at transforming their businesses through digital solutions and operations. They don’t […]

Apple announced Tuesday a growing list of organizations who are rolling out Apple Business Chat as part of their customer engagement strategies, now allowing consumers to contact them the same easy convenient way they do their friends. As one of the Customer Service Platform (CSP) providers for Apple Business Chat, Nuance has seen growing interest […]

learn who are the leaders in the artificial intelligence marketplace

In a world that is becoming more and more automated it’s important to still feel safe and in control. With self-driving cars, Roombas and other “autonomous everyday items” becoming more and more popular, we as humans want to make sure that the best and most reputable technology is used. If we sit in that car, […]

You’ve heard of the Internet of Things (IoT) – the universal state of the modern age in which more and more objects in our daily lives are integrated with some sort of link to the internet and other devices. It’s basically a big information system. That’s why the nature of an IoT user’s interaction with […]

The Virtual Assistant Nina for Google Home allows enterprises to bring their customer service to the smart home speaker

26 billion. That’s the number of intelligent, connected devices that, by 2020, are anticipated to be available with conversational virtual assistants. With virtual assistant usage on an upswing, it’s now time for these human-machine interactions to become simpler and richer. Now’s the time for that same virtual assistant in your home that you can ask […]

Nuance celebrates their customer service experience successes in 2017

With each new year comes a new set of resolutions. And while some are inevitably tossed away within days of being made – perhaps given their loftiness or unrealistic nature – those resolutions that are kept are generally used as a measure of how the year ultimately fared. The ones that are kept become accomplishments […]

Remember when you were a kid in school and the teacher would put a gold star by your name on the good work chart? There’s something about seeing that shiny little sticker that fills you with pride in the work you did and determination to be even better. It also shows your peers that you’ve […]

Nuance and Apple are working together to bring customer service to Apple iMessage through Business chat

The Nuance Digital Engagement Platform supports Apple’s newly announced Business Chat Developer Preview feature in the iOS 11 beta Messages app. When Business Chat becomes publicly available in 2018, your business can use our platform to connect with customers on Apple devices to have personalized conversations, schedule appointments, and even complete purchases with Apple Pay. […]

Virtual assistants rise to the top before chatbots in the world of customer service

How can a virtual assistant win in a ranking of top chatbots? According to the new Forrester report, The Top 10 Chatbots for Enterprise Customer Service, “To truly meet a need for enterprise-grade customer service, chatbots (also called virtual assistants and cognitive agents) must be able to understand what a customer speaks or types, discern […]

trendy young man using live chat and VAs

What does it mean to be relevant to your customers? “Relevant” means applicable to, pertinent to, connected with the matter at hand. Your matter at hand is obviously your customers, and your offering should be applicable to them. If your brand claims to be customer-focused, then your offering should provide what is trending with customers […]

As technology advances, how will the role of the customer service professional change?

Customer service has been through many changes over the years, but the most rapid change has been in the past year or so with the dawn of new technology and ever-rising customer expectations. This chart from customer service influencer Blake Morgan illustrates the evolution of customer service and how technology has improved the customer experience […]

Even businesses need to indulge in spring cleaning efforts, as they do away with old customer service processes and make way for better ones.

There’s a book on the New York Times best seller list that’s all the rage in the U.S.: “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. Why are Americans so hungry for a how-to guide to organize their home? A UCLA study found that middle-class Americans face a clutter crisis due to a continuous […]

As customer expectations evolve and technology advances, it’s time for businesses to get smart with their customer service practices to deliver exceptional experiences.

Last year, in 2016, the customer service industry focused on meeting customer expectations by progressing with innovations that enabled brands to be omniscient and omnipresent for their customers. Customer service solutions were enhanced to help the customer anytime on any device, all the while knowing the customer’s journey history. But now, in 2017, rather than […]

Nuance was recognized for its outstanding customer service technology at the 2017 Stevie Awards.

One of the perks of partnering with leading enterprises is that when they win, we win. (When we win, they win, too!) Last Friday at The 2017 Stevie® Awards for Sales and Customer Service held in Las Vegas, Nuance was recognized alongside several of our customers for innovation and excellence, and we’re still basking in […]

Using voice biometrics and virtual assistants together provides the most secure and easy customer experience online.

What are two things that bother you the most when contacting customer service? Chances are you would say having to remember your username and password for each account and being put on hold to wait for the next available representative. But with many brands, you will not have to experience those concerns anymore. You may […]