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Speech recognition for workplace productivity

It’s Super Bowl Sunday. You’re tossing the jersey on, your friends are on their way over, the guacamole is waiting in the fridge, and the wings are in the oven. But despite the excitement for the hours ahead, something is nagging at you in the back of your mind, and it’s not the fear that […]

Speech recognition affords many productivity gains to the legal industry.

As recent surveys have shown, speech recognition is becoming a widely-adopted productivity tool for the legal industry. Our own Peter Mahoney recently contributed an article to Legaltech, covering the many benefits that speech recognition affords legal professionals, including sophisticated dictation and transcription capabilities. Here’s an excerpt from the article: “Many people associate speech recognition technology […]

Students can use tools like speech recognition to simplify time-consuming writing assignments and boost productivity.

Nearly 30 (!) years ago, Ferris Bueller showed us how to make the most of playing hooky. Being engrossed in ways to make individuals more productive, we can’t help but tip our hats to his ability to cram tons of “work” in on his day off, from a trip to the Sears tower and swindling […]

Speech recognition is helping construction executives better manage their paperwork requirements.

Frank Allard is a construction Project Executive with more than 30 years on the job. Overseeing the construction of large commercial building projects, Frank typically manages and assists a number of project teams. Like many industries, everyone has a preconceived notion of the responsibilities that come with the profession. But construction, like other industries, also […]

Speech recognition is being embraced by the enterprise as a productivity tool for documentation and reporting.

Remember that scene early on in The Incredibles when we get our first glimpse into Mr. Incredible’s life as an insurance claims adjuster? It’s a pretty routine office setup – cubicle, desk, computer, and paperwork. Ah, the paperwork. Between the thick binders on his shelf, the copy machine in the corner, and the documents scattered […]

Leadership coach Jason Womack explains why he used Dragon to write his book.

The word “best” is never far from the mind of leadership coach Jason Womack. He is committed to helping people achieve their very best in all facets of life, and then pushing them to make things even better. His book, Your Best Just Got Better, is dedicated to this topic, and as a sign of […]

Speech recognition can help professionals avoid RSI and remain productive.

Just over a month ago, news broke that Hai Liam, one of the biggest names in the eSports world, is retiring due to a repetitive strain wrist injury. In a blog post, Hai explained that his injury is debilitating, preventing him from competing at the level of other top performers on the eSports scene. Repetitive […]

Using speech recognition on your mobile device for these three actions can increase office productivity

It is becoming more and more apparent that people don’t want to speak to their devices simply to have a conversation – they want to get things done. As we think about speech recognition impacting our busy work days – the ones filled with meetings, phone calls, shifting priorities, and fluctuating deadlines – we see […]

This IBM typewriter ad from the 1950s is but one step in the evolution timeline that spans from the Hansen Writing Ball to today's computer keyboards and mobile touchscreens

When you think of basketball, you probably think of Michael Jordan. When you think of movie directors, Steven Spielberg probably comes to mind. When you think of typing on your computer or smartphone, surely you think of…Reverend Rasmus Malling-Hansen? OK, so Reverend Malling-Hansen may not be a household name, but tracing the modern idea of […]

As screen sizes shrink and people continually expect easy, intelligent interactions with their devices, designing a user-friendly voice interface becomes paramount.

When was the last time that you spoke to one of your devices? Most likely, it was your phone, but it easily could have been your car, your computer, or even your thermostat. At any point did you find yourself wondering, ‘How does all of that actually work?’ Voice interfaces are becoming more and more […]

Our top predictions for CES 2015 include wearable devices and connected mobile apps made possible by the Internet of Things.

The holiday season may have whetted your appetite for new consumer electronics, gadgets, and services, but starting next week that could be nothing more than a palette cleanser. The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show is about to kick off, which means we get our first look at the latest and greatest technology from our favorite device […]


Each year, distinguished professionals in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) gather for one of the industry’s most highly-regarded events: The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) conference. The annual AAAI conference brings together researchers, scientists, scholars and many others dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, for a series of presentations from industry leaders, tutorials, […]

For individuals with speech challenges, text-to-speech applications can serve as a valuable resource for more natural communication with those around them. With common devices like smartphones, tablets, and PCs now featuring voice technology, developers are creating innovative solutions, which individuals who have difficulty speaking can utilize for more natural conversations with those around them. Eric […]

After three rounds of exciting head-to-head matchups, the hunt for the Greatest Voice of All Time is down to just four names: Sean Connery, Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones and Christopher Walken. Each has knocked off some impressive competition, from Walken ousting Elvis to Jones pushing past Casey Kasem. And now, the real debates begin. […]

Voice recognition technology continues to be integrated in some of our most popular devices, from smartphones and connected cars, to tablets and Smart TVs.  And, as these devices become more advanced and connected, voice recognition will serve as a key tool for accessibility, interaction and convenience.  Consider a solution like voice biometrics, which will allow […]

As many of us can attest, the advertising landscape is quickly adapting to be where the consumers are – on their smartphones and tablets, engaging with new content and new brands at every turn. The shift is clear. Businesses and brands are seeking new ways to have unique and memorable interactions with their customers on […]

Nuance kicked off the month of July with some exciting news: Dragon Mobile Assistant (DMA) and Swype were named to TIME Magazine’s list of the ’50 Best Android Apps for 2013.’ Dragon Mobile Assistant upgraded recently to its latest version, and now includes new features like Intelligent Driver Mode, which allows DMA to detect when […]

Nuance is extending the power of productivity and organization around the world, as it announced today the availability of Dragon Notes Cloud in the Windows Store. Dragon Notes Cloud is a fun and convenient app that gives people an easy way to speak notes, to-do lists, reminders and emails. Whether you’re at home, in the […]

The connected car market continues to heat up, as Nuance announced that Dragon Drive is powering the voice capabilities behind Toyota’s new smart G-BOOK smartphone application, part of Toyota’s G-BOOK Telematics service in Japan. Dragon Drive’s Japanese voice recognition capabilities will be embedded by Toyota directly into the smart G-BOOK app, allowing users to seek […]

Last week Nuance announced that it will be integrating the acquired Tweddle Connect app and connected services platform into its Dragon Drive connected car offering – and we’re proud to announce that the Tweddle Connect platform has just received the “Best Telematics Content Aggregator Award” at the 2013 Telematics Update Awards. The award recognizes and […]

The world we live in seems to get busier every day. And, trying to navigate your way through a busy day can be infinitely more frustrating when your efforts to stay organized go awry. How often have you tried putting together a to-do list, only to get back to your desk after a meeting or […]