Jared Pelo
Jared Pelo, MD, is an Emergency Medicine physician and innovator. Dr. Pelo helps lead the ambient clinical intelligence team at Nuance where he is a Chief Medical Information Officer. Dr. Pelo’s passion is the intersection of technology and healthcare. With a deep understanding of complex systems and artificial intelligence, he creates solutions that make healthcare more functional and efficient.

Jared Pelo’s stories

Solving telehealth inefficiencies that exacerbate physician burnout

The COVID pandemic has triggered seismic shifts in how healthcare is delivered. Technology made it possible and practical to deliver patient care remotely while ensuring safety. Regulations changed and placed reimbursements for virtual visits on par with in-person exams. Telehealth platform companies became infused with investment, federal funds authorized in the CARES Act spurred adoption, […]

How to alleviate physician burnout: 5 tips that can help

The odds of physicians leaving an organization due to burnout is 2 to 1, which has only been made worse by the coronavirus epidemic. Even before COVID, the World Health Organization (WHO) predicted a shortage of 18 million caregivers over the next ten years. Now is the time to attract top talent and retain providers and patients […]