Jared Pelo
Jared Pelo, MD, is an Emergency Medicine physician and innovator. Dr. Pelo helps lead the ambient clinical intelligence team at Nuance where he is a Chief Medical Information Officer. Dr. Pelo’s passion is the intersection of technology and healthcare. With a deep understanding of complex systems and artificial intelligence, he creates solutions that make healthcare more functional and efficient.
Jared Pelo’s stories
Ambient clinical intelligence (ACI) – what it is and why you need it

Ambient intelligence (AmI) augments human capabilities to make our lives easier. It’s becoming more pervasive in our homes and workplaces. The applications are many, especially in healthcare. It works by utilizing several technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Pervasive-Ubiquitous Computing and Networks and Human Computer Interaction (HCI). Some common examples of […]

The antidote to the burnout pandemic

Burnout has long been an issue that has plagued frontline healthcare workers. The COVID pandemic has increased burnout both in its intensity and scale with more physicians reporting feelings of burnout. Pre-pandemic, 42% of physicians said they were burned out and 64% say it has intensified due to the pandemic. It is estimated that burnout costs U.S. healthcare organizations $4.6B […]

Offsetting the looming physician shortage

By 2025, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services predicts that there will be a nationwide shortage of nearly 90,000 physicians. Burnout, COVID, retirement and limits on medical school and residency programs are the main reasons for the shortage. Compounding the problem is an aging population. The number of people aged 65 and older […]

Improving financial performance with the Dragon Ambient eXperience

In today’s climate, financial recovery is of the utmost importance. The age-old saying, “time is money,” is especially accurate when referring to physicians’ time. In this blog, we’ll discuss the value of physicians’ time—and how their time can best be utilized to achieve desired financial outcomes.  Provider burnout has become a $4.6 billion dollar a […]

Scale and efficiency—why AI makes more sense than medical scribes

When I was interviewing at the University of Virginia Medical School for their residency program, they told me I’d see just as many patients in three years as the average resident in a four-year program because of their medical scribe program. I knew that documentation was a burden and a significant contributor to burnout, so […]

AI in healthcareAutomating clinical workflows with AI

The application and use of AI to efficiently diagnose and monitor patients, detect and predict illness, accelerate drug development, streamline the patient experience, and expand access to care are skyrocketing in healthcare. AI in healthcare is rapidly growing year over year, with the most significant growth in the U.S. Data fuels AI Although the technology […]

How AI technologies improve the patient experience

Recently, I participated in a virtual webinar, “How AI technologies improve the patient experience,” hosted by MGMA, along with Dr. Jesse Affonso, Orthopedic Surgeon at Cape Cod Orthopedics. We discussed the difference between patient experience and patient satisfaction, the correlation between the two, and the role technology plays. In a nutshell, I think it’s this: […]

Why use medical scribes when you don’t have to?

Healthcare facilities are re-assessing their scribe programs and embracing innovative solutions that do much more than create clinical documentation. For example, an innovative AI-based solution, known as ambient clinical intelligence, automatically captures the physician/patient conversation at the point of care.  But it’s more than just listening and converting speech to text. It’s contextualizing conversations, understanding […]

Optimizing telehealth with AI-powered technologies – protect your patients and revenue

“A telehealth program with efficient patient throughput, quality care and effective documentation drives significant financial benefits,” says Dr. Jesse Affonso, Orthopedic Surgeon at Cape Cod Orthopedics and Sports Medicine PC. Dr. Affonso recently did a webinar with me titled, “Optimizing telehealth with AI-powered technologies – protect your patients and revenue.“ In this webinar, we discussed […]

Telehealth – here to stay. The growing need to expand access to care.

Recently, a colleague told me about her ailing father. He’s a bedridden 83-year-old who is obese and has diabetes. Already a challenge before the pandemic, ensuring that he made it to his healthcare appointments safely and comfortably became even more difficult due to pandemic restrictions. But with the return of physician house calls, the easy […]

Redefining the 21st-century healthcare provider-patient experience

The current standard for 21st-century healthcare delivery is in flux, with unique challenges preventing care teams from ensuring high-quality, patient-centered care. Many of the challenges are fundamental, interconnected, and share a consistent factor: clinical documentation burden. Physicians today are looking for more than the status quo—they want intuitive, innovative solutions that redefine the healthcare experience […]

Solving telehealth inefficiencies that exacerbate physician burnout

The COVID pandemic has triggered seismic shifts in how healthcare is delivered. Technology made it possible and practical to deliver patient care remotely while ensuring safety. Regulations changed and placed reimbursements for virtual visits on par with in-person exams. Telehealth platform companies became infused with investment, federal funds authorized in the CARES Act spurred adoption, […]