Jason Doris’s stories

Imagine this scenario. You are a software engineer responsible for developing an OCR application.  that can convert and manage extremely high volumes of documents to support a company’s document management strategy or workflows. Specifically, your software application must be able to convert tens of thousands of documents (if not more) into a wide variety of […]


In a recent blog article, we introduced the topic of optical character recognition (OCR) and described the many benefits possible when developers build it into their software applications. Here, we take a closer look at one significant challenge all organizations face – improving security by minimizing the loss of digital content – and show how […]


Most people tend to think about optical character recognition (OCR) as a way to search for content in various documents. While it’s true that leading OCR solutions are an extremely effective way to instantly turn high volumes of paper and digital documents into files that can be searched, OCR offers much more than mere “searchability.” […]