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In previous posts in this series, we’ve provided an overview of the scope and expected impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – the European Union’s new framework for protection of personal data. We looked at the GDPR’s mandates for how the personal data of EU-affiliated individuals is gathered, processed and stored, and what […]


In the increasingly digital and interconnected world that we all live in, the ability to access software and information “on the go” can transform the way that businesses get things done. Not to mention the personal productivity and working lives of individuals. For years, PDF software (such as Nuance’s Power PDF™) has given users an […]


In our most recent post in this series, we reviewed how the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – the European Union’s sweeping new regulatory framework – strengthens the protection of personal data for EU citizens and residents. We looked at the GDPR’s specific mandates for how the personal data of EU-affiliated individuals is gathered, processed […]


It’s that time of year again. So many of us make New Year’s Resolutions or set other work-related goals to become more productive, save time and accomplish much more in the year to come. Yet more often than not, we may try these goals for a couple of days, weeks or even months, but then […]


“Generation X” – the generation between baby boomers and millennials – is often thought of as the first truly technological generation. Coming of age with the home computer, Gen X watched the world transition from the era of the pay phone to the era of the smart phone. Often called the “Entrepreneur Generation,” a significant […]


In a recent post, we offered an overview of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the European Union’s sweeping new regulatory framework for the protection of personal data. To be implemented in May 2018, the GDPR imposes new obligations on businesses – anywhere in the world – that collect personal information from individuals residing in […]


It seems like data breaches or other security issues are always in the news today. Household names like Equifax, Target, TJ Maxx and Yahoo have all been breached and suffered substantial costs to (attempt to) rectify these very public examples. Yet breaches continue to occur, even despite advancements in technology and much more investment in […]


If your business targets consumers in any of the 28 countries that make up the European Union, there’s a regulatory crossroads in your very near future. In May 2018, the EU is implementing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a sweeping (260+ pages) replacement for a patchwork of national legal frameworks for the protection of […]


When you think about inefficiencies and waste (often in the context of climate change), the “usual suspects” tend to come to mind – transportation, power production, industrial operations and more. But there’s one other area that may surprise you – the overall use of paper as well as any related products and processes, such as […]


If you are responsible for network security for a financial services firm, the argument can be made you have the most difficult job in information security. Why? According to research from IBM x-Force Research, in 2016, the financial services industry was the most targeted industry for cyber-crime – 65 percent more than any other industry. […]


Ever since the Portable Document Format (PDF) was invented, it has revolutionized the way users create, store, share and edit digital information. Because PDF software faithfully preserves the overall layout, fonts, graphics and other features of a document, it has made working with documents much more user-friendly, intuitive and productive. While these benefits are widely […]


Today, product managers and software developers know that open-source technology can often be an efficient and cost-effective way to get a software product to market. But speed and cost aren’t always the most important considerations, especially if your goal is to differentiate your product. Take optical character recognition (OCR) for example. There are many OCR […]


The business benefits of document capture software are well documented, if you’ll pardon the pun. For example, they are helpful when it comes to automating document workflows, streamlining manual processes and improving data accuracy. And in turn, these benefits help organizations reduce costs, improve efficiencies and increase productivity across the board. Yet now you can […]


Customers often tell us how much they value Nuance’s Power PDF™ software, in particular how much easier and more functional it is than Adobe Acrobat. But not every customer is getting the most out of their Power PDF installation, and we want to change that. The Power PDF Tips and Tricks and Superpowers webinar series […]

Improve-applications-with-forms processing

We recently published two articles describing the benefits associated with optical character recognition (OCR). More specifically, we highlighted ways software developers and companies are now using powerful OCR software development kits (SDKs) to add new functionality to their applications or complement their technology in a new way. For example, a leading software company used OCR […]


In a recent article, we described how a leading software company, GTB Technologies, used an optical character recognition (OCR) scanning software development kit (SDK) to add powerful OCR capabilities to its own application. This decision came after the company determined it would be too time-consuming and potentially expensive to attempt to develop similar OCR scanning […]


It happened again. This week, another NSA contractor apparently leaked classified information about Russia’s alleged interference in the U.S. elections to the media. In case you missed it, Reality Leigh Winner was arrested on charges of leaking classified material that was published by The Intercept website. Last year, I wrote a blog article that showed […]


If you’re like most software users today, chances are good that you’re not using your application – or any application – to its full potential. In fact, recent research shows that only seven percent of an enterprise application’s features are “always used,” which shows that we’re all missing out on additional functionality. I’m guilty, too. […]


Many organizations today embrace optical character recognition (OCR) technology, and for many different reasons. First, and most obvious, many companies use OCR solutions “as designed” – to give themselves a better way to convert content and improve efforts related to speed, accuracy and search. On the technical side, many developers look to add OCR and […]


Every day more companies are moving on from traditional paper contracts and legal documents and enabling important business documents online with digital signatures. Though law firms and consulting groups are among the most prolific adopters, it is a trend that persists regardless of company size or industry. That’s because digital signatures lead to better productivity, […]


If you’re like most people, you’re barely scratching the surface of the software applications you use every day. Instead, you use the same small handful of features over and over, even as updates and new enhancements are released. Occasionally you might wonder if there’s an easier or more efficient way of accomplishing a task, but […]


Imagine having responsibility for the storage of tens of thousands of documents in a wide variety of formats — Word, Excel, TIF, PDF and many more. Additionally, these documents are embedded with images, tables and graphics and could be published in multiple languages, which further adds to their complexity. Now imagine your responsibility isn’t just […]


It’s happened again. According to a recent article in ITPRO, a hacker was able to gain access to more than 150,000 networked printers. Even worse, it sounds like the effort was fairly easy. In this case, the hacker, who went by “Stackoverflowin,” executed a program to search the internet to find printers that were online […]


“Big data.” So much more than a hard-to-understand buzzword that first surfaced a few years ago, the concept of big data is now an important tool for most companies today. For anyone still unaware, big data describes the effort of collecting and analyzing huge volumes of new types of data. Examples include traditional structured data […]


Unfortunately, ensuring complete data security in healthcare may be more challenging in 2017. According to the Ponemon Institute’s Sixth Annual Benchmark Study on Privacy & Security of Healthcare Data, data breaches in the healthcare industry are continuing to grow in terms of volume, frequency, impact and total cost. Most notably, nearly 90 percent of responding […]


The simple definition of the benefit of optical character recognition (OCR) is a way to search for content within high volumes of digital documents, including paper documents converted to digital PDFs. But search is really just the beginning when it comes to the value OCR has to offer. Many organizations use OCR as a means […]


It’s that time of year again. Yes, it’s the holiday season, but more specifically, it’s that time when we all (hopefully) have the chance to pause, reflect on all that happened in the past 12 months, and begin to either plan specific New Year’s Resolutions, or just begin to look ahead at 2017. Personally, I […]


Today, most desktop software applications provide a wide array of features to help their users work in new ways, get more out the application and become much more efficient and productive. Yet some of these features are slightly more advanced or take a little effort to learn. For example, my current favorite is using “Merge […]


Documents are the backbone of business, but many of the systems and processes that we use to work with information are slow and inherently risky. Today’s office environment is a hybrid mix of digital and hard copy documents. Extracting information from paper-based documents is not always a simple task. But working with digitized information can […]


The volume of electronic-stored documents is increasing dramatically year over year, which shines a light on the critical importance of e-discovery — the ability to efficiently and accurately search the contents of electronic documents that have been created, disseminated and stored by legal firms and similar organizations handling sensitive information. Since the adoption of the […]


With the proliferation of desktop and network-printing devices, document printing has become second nature for most office users, and in many ways taken for granted. Nevertheless, the number of printer-related support issues continues to grow. Printing is not always convenient for knowledge workers – particularly in large businesses where printers are shared by multiple users […]


According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the U.S. mobile workforce is expected to surpass 105 million employees by the year 2020, accounting for nearly two-thirds of the total U.S. workforce. What’s driving this rapid growth of remote employees? For starters, smartphones and tablets have become unilaterally affordable as companies have grown comfortable with bring […]


Today’s information workers and other employees need 
to do all they can to improve collaboration, especially when it comes to working with shared documents. Overcoming inefficient tools and document management processes is key to reducing costs and improving productivity. However, despite the fact that information workers frequently interact with documents in a shared manner, many […]


Most businesses today are investigating opportunities for going paperless—or at least transitioning as much as possible from paper to digital workflows. The reasons are simple: to reduce costs and improve business operations. Time is money, and paper has become a major drain on worker productivity. How much time do knowledge workers spend sifting through paperwork? […]


When it comes to business priorities these days, three areas consistently rank at the top of the list: reducing costs, streamlining processes, and improving productivity. Organizations of all sizes are consistently looking for ways to streamline operations and take cost out of the environment. Yet, when it comes to office printing, many businesses are still […]


The flexibility and immediacy of digital content makes it simple for knowledge workers to capture and distribute information. Today, knowledge workers regularly send business documents by email to recipients outside of their organization, often with little thought as to what happens to that document once they hit the send button. In a routine transaction, a […]


Good news to report from Nuance’s Imaging division: Earlier this week, Nuance Imaging was named the market share leader among global device and print management vendors by IDC, a leading IT market research and advisory firm. The study, “Worldwide and U.S. Device and Print Management Market Shares, 2015: Year of the Evolving, Fragmented Market” reports […]


Scanning has become ubiquitous in today’s office environment. Once limited to back-office applications, scanning has evolved into a general office business function. Employees want access to scanning, they need access to scanning, and they now have it with the proliferation of network MFPs. Research shows that 73% of knowledge workers today have access to scanners […]


Have you ever had to create a “Frankenstein PDF?” You know, one PDF file stitched together from so many different “parts” – formats such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, JPG, and many more. Without the right PDF converter tool, you have to resort to printing each document, scanning it and the opening each one to awkwardly […]


Security remains a major source of anxiety for companies of all sizes, which is why it consistently falls at the top of the list when it comes to ranking IT business concerns. According to a recent report from IDC, IDC FutureScape: CIO Agenda Leading the Third Platform Business and Technology Transformation through 2015 and Beyond, 70% […]


There are compelling reasons why, over the past 25+ years, the PDF format became the global standard for creating, sharing and archiving electronic documents. Reliability, flexibility and consistency across computing platforms all contributed to PDF documents making up an estimated 80 percent of all electronic documents on the Web. But another key attribute of the […]

As two-in-one laptop devices become more popular, knock out potential compatibility issues with a PDF converter

Until recently, two drawbacks prevented two-in-one convertible laptops from becoming the first choice device among business users: They lacked the portability and battery power of a tablet, and did not meet the performance of a traditional laptop. However, 2015 saw leaps in battery power and overall performance among two-in-one devices. With the arrival of Windows […]


It’s tempting to think of failures in document workflows as a minor nuisance – a temporary lapse in the smooth functioning of a business, a profession or a government agency. How bad could the effects of a poorly designed workflow be, after all? Perhaps poor communication between coworkers? A decline in a workgroup’s productivity? Or, […]

It’s sad but true: Data breaches have become a way of life, but unless you’ve experienced one, it’s difficult to realize just how painful they can be. Yet with research from the Ponemon Institute that shows that the average cost of each stolen record can be as much as $200 – and can forever tarnish […]

An old saying suggests that if you’re hunting for a misplaced item, you’ll find it in the last place you look. For hospital IT directors and compliance officers who are responsible for protecting their IT systems against hacks and data breaches, too often the “last place you look” is one of the least secure devices […]

Printers may leave you more vulnerable than you think

The downside of ever-wider connectivity is, of course, that if everyone can reach you, anyone can reach you. Scores of U.S.-based colleges and universities had a harsh reminder of this reality recently, when their networked-but-unsecured printers began to churn out flyers from a neo-Nazi organization that contained racist and anti-Semitic propaganda. The hacker who claimed […]


Two sweeping, structural trends are transforming the nature of the U.S. workplace, and government agencies – from national to local – are not immune. One trend is demographic: the millennial generation will soon dominate the U.S. workforce. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2020, millennials will make up 50 percent of the United […]


If you’re responsible for maintaining data security and privacy in a healthcare environment, you may look at the increasing use of mobile devices as a decidedly mixed blessing. A recent mHealthNews article describes the benefits of mobile access and how it can provide compelling improvements in convenience, ease of use, and accuracy. That’s why so […]

Minimize security risks posed by printers and other IoT devices

It doesn’t take much more than a quick glance at the news to realize that cybersecurity is a top priority for companies today. Worse, the cause for concern is growing. According to research conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers in its Global State of Information Security Survey companies detected 38 percent more security threats in 2015 than they […]

There is still too much paper in the workplace today.

The Internet, cloud-based tools, mobile devices and other technologies are all transforming many traditional forms of communication into digital media. This, in turn, reduces the amount of paperwork and printing that occurs in most companies today. Clearly, it’s a positive trend, but it turns out that we have quite a ways to go before paper […]


Government agencies at all levels – national, regional, and local – are struggling to meet two conflicting imperatives. One demand is for transparency: constituents (individuals, businesses, and other organizations) increasingly expect that information in the hands of government will be accessible to and usable by everyone with a legitimate interest in it. The offsetting demand […]

Improve the way government agencies control document workflows

Across the globe, government generates more paper than any other industry or field of activity. As consumers of government services, we take for granted that any process that is conducted by a government agency will be paper-intensive – and therefore may be inefficient, costly, and/or insecure. The people in government who are responsible for document-based […]


Documents are the backbone of business, but many of the systems and processes that we use to work with information are slow and inherently risky. Today’s office environment is a hybrid mix of digital and hard copy documents. Extracting information from paper-based documents is not always a simple task. But working with digitized information can […]

PDF document management system

The Ponemon Institute recently reported that the loss of sensitive data costs companies approximately $3.8 million a year. The financial consequences aren’t the only problems these companies face; damages to reputation and the loss of customer loyalty can be even greater concerns. Additionally, if legal requirements are breached, the consequences for the company may be […]

Government secure document management solution

On December 20, 2015, researcher Chris Vickery discovered an exposed database containing personal information belonging to approximately 191 million American voters. The exposure was the result of a misconfiguration, and while voter data is considered a matter of public record, it should concern citizens and government officials to know how accessible this information may have […]

Improve overall security with these tips for MFPs

If you were to compile a list of the most vulnerable network points in your workplace, it is likely that list would be missing one of your most prevalent risks: multi-function printers (MFPs). More than just copiers, printers, and scanners, MFPs continue to advance and add functionality that has a positive impact on workplace productivity […]

Replace fax machines with more effective, secure MFP solutions

“Just fax it to me.” How often do you find yourself saying that nowadays? It could be more than you think if you’re in some industries. Even though email and other technological tools have come out that could take the place of faxing, the good old fax machine seems to have made it through alive. […]

Nuance helped Tulane University improve printing and overall student security.

Education institutions of all sizes face many challenges related to the way they process, consume, share and store information on paper documents. For example, most education institutions have a high number of users – students, administrative staff, guests, and more – who tend to view printing as a free service. The result is an over-reliance […]


This may be the craziest question you’ve heard all day, but could manual data entry inadvertently lead to male pattern baldness? A new video from Nuance now presents a lighthearted look at the business challenges related to manual data entry. We admit that this example is a little silly, but it does a good job […]

The Internet of Things presents a new frontier where people, machines, devices, sensors and businesses are connected and interact with each other. Experts say it is poised to address a wide range of enterprise needs such as transforming asset management in field service, fixing supply chain bottlenecks, connecting retail to consumer demand and more. When […]

It is widely understood that high accuracy is the paramount goal of OCR technology. Higher accuracy means higher automation level, lower manual verification, and therefore lower costs and higher return on investment. Nuance Document Imaging, with the combination of several pioneering OCR companies, has been dedicated for decades to improving the OCR accuracy and continues […]

As organizations around the globe look to achieve improved efficiencies, many recognize that the digitization of paper ranks high on the priority scale. While there are a number of comforts associated with paper, in reality, it is inherently inefficient. For example, it is time-consuming to physically look through file cabinets, boxes, and folders. Distribution of […]

Today the continued use of paper slows organizations down and frequently leads to “knowledge re-creation.” Not only does this waste time – as you are forced to re-create information from existing paper or search for misplaced documents – but it is also a drain on overall productivity and profitability. Additionally, small businesses and individuals underutilize […]

While many companies have responded to the potential security breach challenges by installing network firewalls, anti-malware software, and intrusion detection/prevention systems, the area of internal security threats – particularly those related to document security – has largely been ignored. Organizations’ awareness of potential security problems that exist, or familiarity with the solutions that can prevent […]