Jess Walker’s stories

On April 2, Nuance Document Imaging announced Power PDF.  One of our primary goals in creating Power PDF was to create a PDF solution that was intuitive and easy to use for the business user. That means it had to contain powerful functionality, be familiar and well ordered, and drive productivity, not become a barrier […]

Redaction is the permanent removal of sensitive information, and it is often used in legal, government and HR business processes. In electronic documents, redaction is not just ‘black out’ or ‘white out’ as you would do with paper documents, it requires the complete removal of the sensitive information from the file. Redaction and Document Inspection, […]

Nuance PDF Converter Enterprise provides everything you need to create, convert, edit, assemble, and securely share PDF files for increased productivity, enhanced collaboration, and improved compliance but there are several tips, tricks and shortcuts that could further enhance your Nuance PDF Converter experience. For example, do you know how to add pages from MS Office […]

What always made PDF a flexible, powerful format still holds true today: It can be viewed, searched, or printed in the same layout as it appears on paper. And in today’s world, users increasingly rely on the PDF format to save and access stored documents in the cloud. Yet as they do, they need the […]

PDF software has kept pace in a business world that requires global collaboration, “24/7” access to vital information, and solutions that appeal to an increasingly mobile workforce. For example, to take advantage of all the benefits of cloud technology today, PDF solutions must be able to connect workers to the cloud by enabling them to […]

When it comes to PDF, there are a variety of tools to select from, and determining the right tool is largely dependent on what feature set is most important to business users. Options range from simple viewing and PDF creation to advanced conversion and editing. A good rule of thumb to use is the more […]

With so many choices at varying price points in the market, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right PDF software for your organization. Factors to consider include features, cost, licensing issues, and vendor support. Now, discover how you can improve the process … and make the right decision. Making the right decision included four […]