Jim Chou’s stories

NDEV Mobile allows developers to offer immediate access to information and intuitive interaction with technology to their customers around the world. And today we’re excited to announce an update that allows our developers to reach millions of new users globally with the introduction of speech recognition support for Hindi, Indian-accented English, and Croatian, and text-to-speech […]

We first introduced NDEV Mobile three years ago to help support the developer community as they pushed the limits of what devices could accomplish, and we did so with a clear vision in mind—to provide easy and direct access to Nuance’s industry-leading voice technology. And in the time since, we’ve been amazed and grateful for […]

Last week, we took part in the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco, CA. We had a blast speaking one-on-one with up-and-coming developers and learning what it is that everyone wants from their tech devices. The key takeaway of the event was the increasing importance of developing an intuitive user interface (or UI) across all […]

If you’re a developer tapped into the Samsung ecosystem, we’ve got big news to share with you today. We’re thrilled to announce the NDEV Early Access program, and it really is designed with you in mind. As an extension of Nuance’s successful NDEV Mobile developer program – consisting of over 17,000 developers – attendees of […]

Congrats to everyone who participated at this year’s lemobile.fr Hackathon! We had a blast meeting and collaborating with so many talented developers that put their ‘A’ game on display for the more than 450 attendees at the show. Special congratulations to Apps Panel for winning the 1st place prize for their innovative proposals and implementations […]

Hello from Paris, France! We’re currently at the lemobile.fr Hackathon at the Centre Pompidou! The Hackathon runs parallel to the lemobile.fr 2013 conference – a well-known mobile conference here in Paris. We’re here with approximately 150 attendees in the Centre Pompidou – a huge cultural hotspot right in the center of Paris. The Hackathon is […]

Greetings developers! You’ve asked us for more options, more flexibility, more coverage and additional language support—and we’re happy to oblige! Today, we’re thrilled to announce that NDEV Mobile is expanding access even further across Europe into Denmark, Portugal, and Poland. The Dragon Mobile SDK is now supporting speech-to-text and text-to-speech for Danish, European Portuguese, and […]

Speech technology has the power to unlock the enormous potential of today’s advanced mobile devices—enabling faster, easier, and more dynamic interaction options. But for this potential to be fully realized, speech technologies must be accessible and available to the talented and innovative developers who seek to harness it. And with the recent launch of NDEV […]

Greetings speech-enthusiasts! We are excited to report that ,more than 3,000 iOS and Android developers have joined the Nuance Mobile Developer Program (NMDP) and taken advantage of FREE access to the world renowned Dragon Mobile SDK to speech-enable their mobile apps—and the booming voices of their app fan base approval can be heard around the […]

Greetings mobile app developers! Consumers today aren’t just mobile, they’re global! —and to win their attention and affection, you can’t simply hope they find you—you need to reach out and communicate on their terms! So how do you do this? —by speaking their language, of course! The Nuance Mobile Developer Program (NMDP) lets you do […]

Today’s consumer is mobile—in every sense of the word! The on-the-go lifestyle no longer applies just to corporate jetsetters—with the world at their fingertips, people in all walks of life now manage their day-to-day activities on their smartphones and tablets. And your customers are no different! The question is—how do you keep up?! Did You […]