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Neural networks work like the human brain creating connections and getting smarter based on data and corrections similar to how a toddler learns the differences between animals.

Now, thanks to the impact of deep neural networks (DNN), the application of AI and machine learning to healthcare may finally be reaching a crucial tipping point.  But what are neural networks? One of the best ways to understand this is to think about how children learn. I’ve been teaching my two-year old about animals, […]

With the help of ambient clinical intelligence, the documentation process is easier and workflow interruptions for physicians can be avoided.

As we close out another year and look towards a new one, it’s only natural to wonder what the future has in store for healthcare. Whether thinking about the changes to come in 2017 or looking at the bigger picture over the next few years, it’s easy to see major advances in technology are driving […]

Physicians need the right technology to be able to tell the full patient story, reflected through clinical documentation in the EMR

The physician’s life has become very complicated with the continuous increased demands being applied to the creation of clinical documentation. This has manifested itself in the electronic medical record (EMR) with more clicks and more demands placed on the physician. When talking to physicians, one of the biggest problems I hear is that when they […]

How cloud-based clinical speech recognition adoption is changing the health IT landscape.

My son recently picked Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham” for his bedtime story. As we read it together, I was struck by how much the poem applies to health IT adoption.  A few years ago, most healthcare organizations and physicians were extremely skeptical of the very technologies they now rely on each and every […]

Why the Cloud Matters in Health IT

If you started writing an email on your phone and weren’t able to finish it from your laptop when you got to work, you would be frustrated and rightfully so. It has become a modern-day requirement that we are able to access content in the same easy way, across all devices, from desktop computers and […]

Why the Cloud Matters in Health IT

Face it: if the odds were high that your paycheck would not be correctly deposited into your online bank account, you wouldn’t bank online. But that’s not the case. Our general experience is that digital banking is highly accurate, and although errors are possible, we know they’re not probable. So, when we log in to […]