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Car-sharing of the future at IAA 2017

This year, the Daimler AG shows off the smart vision EQ fortwo. According to Dieter Zetsche, this will be Daimler’s first vehicle not to be owned by an individual and designed specifically for car sharing. It will be SAE Level 5, meaning it will be fully automated and the car itself will perform all driving […]

How will we communicate with our automotive assistants in the future? Well, from my perspective, there really is only one way: through natural language. Complicated, convoluted and frustrating voice commands to navigate through menus are a thing of the past – now, with Dragon Drive, you can simply tell the system what you want and […]

Intelligent personal assistants are conquering the world’s living rooms. Thanks to the integration into the smart home, you can now turn lights on or off, unlock your door, or send the robot vacuum on a cleaning mission using just voice commands and this extends to your car with Dragon Drive. Voice assistants have also existed […]