John Dionne’s stories

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to speak at Nuance’s annual Customer eXperience Summit on the topic of Continuous Optimization – a process that improves performance of deployed applications while enhancing the customer experience and growing operational savings. One of the key strategies by which contact centers can continuously optimize their performance is in measuring […]

Change is a constant part of our lives and influences everything we do. At times, the pace of change can seem slow, but when you take a few moments to look back and reflect, it’s easy to see just how much change can happen over a relatively short period of time. From a customer care perspective, much […]

Consider changing customer expectations and technology advances when building your business case for customer care.

Back in the early 1990’s, at the start of my career, customer care and automation were very different than today. The World Wide Web had yet to become widely adopted and was certainly not viewed as a customer care tool by many. Yes, some people had pagers, but few had cellular phones. Smart phones? …Well, […]