Josefine Fouarge
Josefine Fouarge is Sr. Product Marketing Manager in the Nuance Enterprise Division, focusing on automated and human assisted engagements in digital channels. Josefine brings more than 10 years of experience in sales and marketing for technology related businesses in Germany and the U.S. Her past expertise ranges from selling and configuring Apple computers to defining the market and messaging for a security software for on-premise datacenters and services offered through the cloud.
Josefine Fouarge’s stories
The dark fate of Terminator or how to approach advantages in AI technology

Yes, I admit it. I like the Terminator movies and I like Arnold Schwarzenegger with his monotone voice. I get all excited when he says, “I’ll be back!”, but in general I just like videos that show a glimpse into the future, even if it’s just an imagined one. I have always been passionate about […]

How was your latest trip?

Traveling usually is fun. You get to experience new things and forget about everyday worries for just a little bit. But what if the travel itself becomes the worry? Things happen – delays, technical issues, nature – all leading to interruption in your travel plans and there’s not much you can do about it. Working […]

Apple Business Chat SuggestHow Apple Business Chat can help enterprises with their call deflection goals

With iOS 13, Apple introduced a new and interesting capability for Apple Business Chat – Chat Suggest. This capability enables enterprises to connect Apple Business Chat messaging to their existing phone numbers, enabling them to seamlessly deflect calls. How does that work? If an iOS user searches for a store or the contact information of […]

Contact center transformation pitfalls (and how to avoid them)

Future-proof customer service Customer expectations continue to rise rapidly, and there’s no sign of that slowing down. They’re going to continue challenging companies to give them better experiences and make every interaction effortless. To meet these expectations, organizations need a future-proof contact center designed to deliver intelligent engagements—but it takes hard work to get it […]

Rethinking digital transformation

Many companies struggle with digital transformation. It should be so easy, though – out with the old and in with the new, correct? Well, wouldn’t that be nice! We all know that this is not how transformation works. No matter if you are a larger company, an enterprise, or a government agency, you cannot just […]

No joke: Customers don’t like chatbots

We have an enlightening infographic from Forrester Research to show you. It’s titled “Customer Service Chatbots Fail Consumers Today”. You may be wondering if this is an April Fool’s joke. You may think we’re shooting ourselves in the foot. Why talk about how customers hate chatbots? Isn’t Nuance in the “chatbot” business? Well, sort of. You […]

How to avoid the doom and gloom of a chatbot’s future

This is going to sound ironic coming from a “chatbot” vendor, but get ready for a chatbot backlash in 2019. Yes, you heard correctly. Forrester Research predicted in their report, Predictions 2019: Customer Service and Sales, that customers will lead a community-based revolt against corporate chatbots in 2019. Meaning customers will do whatever it takes […]

Creating a bionic contact center agent

“Bionics” describes technology that is inspired by nature – similar to AI, which describes the ability of a computer to act like a human. When talking about bionic agents we don’t mean contact center agents with prosthetic arms that make them type faster, or any other physical modification of the human body. We are talking […]

Why RCS Business Messaging might be the next big thing

I’m dreaming of a world where it is easy to use my mobile phone to connect with a brand wherever I am. No fuss, just picking it up and asking my question or doing whatever needs to be done. Just to be clear, I don’t contact the companies I do business with on a daily […]

Do you and your chatbot need therapy?

In all good relationships, there comes a time when the two parties involved find themselves needing a little intervention, a bit of therapy, a series of counseling sessions… Close partnerships will inevitably encounter the same issues as other partnerships. In marriages, the culprit for bumpy roads can range from children and religion to money and […]

How Opus is helping organizations simplify their communication strategy

Have you ever asked yourself why business-to-consumer communication has become much more complicated over the years? After all, asking a question and then getting a response is a natural, everyday part of life. Since technology has taken over the world of communication, it seems like it has become more difficult to get an answer, even […]

Here’s how you give your customers their time back!

A new study commissioned by Nuance shows that each year 90% of US consumers are wasting a day “on hold”. That’s 24 hours which could be used for so many things, all better than holding a phone to your ear. Our survey respondents said they would spend more time with family (37%) would get more […]