Josh Lipe’s stories

What really makes the assistant on your device personal? Is it the way that you speak to it, the accounts you link to it, its ability to make your life easier, or even then name that you give it? There is no doubt that the answer to all these questions is always yes, but we […]

Whether you’re a social savvy teenager, a traveling business person, or a hectic-schedule-keeping mom, we know that your mobile device is a huge part of your life. You connect to those you love with it, you learn new things with it, and you even play games with it. Your mobile experience should be as easy […]

With constant advances happening in mobile, you need applications that can keep up with you. In our last release we rolled out exciting new features such as new assistant options, quick access to our most popular features and high-quality voices. Now, we’re expanding on those updates to bring you an even better personal assistant experience. […]

Nuance’s commitment to reinventing the relationship between people and technology has always been grounded in a sincere belief in and dedication to research and development and a keen eye toward innovation. The demand for researchers, engineers and scientists continues to build, as industries and consumers see consistent growth in the incorporation of voice recognition technology, […]

Personal voice assistants have become a key feature on the vast majority of the smartphones available to consumers, and they continue to be adopted as an intelligent, reliable and convenient tool for users looking to complete a myriad of tasks, all by voice. Making a new calendar appointment, checking the traffic and weather, dictating an […]