Karen Holzberger
Karen Holzberger was the senior vice president and general manager of Nuance’s Healthcare’s diagnostic solutions business. Karen joined Nuance in 2014 with more than 15 years of experience in the Healthcare industry. Prior to Nuance, she was the vice president and general manager of Global Radiology Workflow at GE Healthcare where she managed service, implementation, product management and development for mission critical healthcare IT software. Karen attended Stevens Institute of Technology where she earned a B.S in Mechanical Engineering.
Karen Holzberger’s stories
Celebrating 10,000 PowerShare sites: 10 ways patients and providers are sharing without boundaries

We all understand the value of being connected to a proven, growing network. If we’re tempted to switch to a smaller mobile provider—and who doesn’t want a discount on the latest iPhone?—we’ll be sure to check their coverage and service quality in our local area. The same is true of a network allowing healthcare providers […]

Solving the issues, part 3: Purpose-built workflow—Moving beyond the worklist

What’s good for the radiologist will be good for the patients Over the last few weeks, we’ve shared a number of insights, best practices, and lessons learned gained from our Solving the Issues webinar series. We structured this series to explore some of the toughest issues facing healthcare systems and radiology practices – and more […]

Solving the issues, part 2: End-to-end approach to incidental findings closes gap in care delivery

Closing the gap in care delivery: An end-to-end approach to incidental findings We often hear stories of patients who visit their emergency department and have a chest CT performed, perhaps to rule out pneumonia or check for internal injuries following a car accident. The radiologist clears the patient but identifies an incidental finding—a lung nodule […]

Solving the issues, part 1: Quality analytics – Revealing actionable insights to deliver value

Diagnostic imaging administrators and care teams continue to look for new ways to solve critical issues like failed follow-up, inefficiency and burnout, and a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. They are pressured to handle today’s challenges while positioning their organizations to handle tomorrow’s unknowns – whatever they may be. Often that means applying technologies in unconventional […]

Radiology scan of human brain in a neurology clinic“Worrying About Being Sued” – A Call to Action

Like many of you, I read Medscape’s annual Physician Compensation Report and the breakout report covering radiology to get a take on radiologists’ perceptions of issues and trends in payment models, job satisfaction and other areas. One data point in the 2021 report was especially notable. For the first time, “Worrying about being sued” is […]

Birmingham Radiological GroupBirmingham Radiological Group-GV achieves increased efficiency and quality with PowerScribe One

In Birmingham, Alabama, the Birmingham Radiological Group – GV division has continued to grow. But until 2019, the division’s radiologists still relied one hundred percent on transcription for their radiology reports. According to radiologist Dr. Joel Mixon, the process was inefficient at best. As a resident, he trained on a voice recognition platform, so he […]

RSNA 2020 and the new post-hype reality for radiology AI in everyday clinical use

Like many things this year, the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) looked and felt different as a fully online virtual experience. That included our team’s participation in sessions and online demonstration of our AI-powered, cloud-based “Radiology Experience of the Future.” The virtual nature of the show and our event was […]

Solving for radiologists’ toughest challenges at Banner Imaging

With locations across Arizona, Banner Imaging (Banner) creates more than 600,000 medical imaging studies a year – and with volumes that high, they’ve faced their fair share of radiology workflow challenges along the way. At Banner, it’s not just about standardizing data from numerous diagnostic modalities or normalizing measurement data for precise diagnoses. It’s also […]

Turning vision into reality at RSNA 2020 with the “Radiology Experience of the Future”

At each of the past few RSNA annual meetings, Nuance has introduced important new capabilities and enhancements for our diagnostic solutions portfolio. That includes the Nuance® AI Marketplace, Nuance PowerScribe™ One, and for 2020, the integration of Common Data Elements standards into PowerScribe One. We’ve also increased investments in PowerScribe Follow-up Manager, mPower Clinical Analytics, […]

How Einstein Healthcare Network is putting AI into action

As the largest independent academic medical center in Philadelphia, Einstein Healthcare Network has one mission – to provide exceptionally intelligent, responsive healthcare and education for its patients. It’s a vision reflected in the radiology team’s careful attention to every aspect of the patient journey – from scheduling and image acquisition to reporting and follow-up. Not […]

A Real View of…cloud-based radiology innovation with PowerScribe One and Nines teleradiology

PowerScribe One is the cloud-based centerpiece of our portfolio of diagnostic imaging solutions. Its structured data model, standards support, real-time communications, and AI-powered workflow and decision support tools help radiologists improve care and financial outcomes while enhancing productivity and reducing burnout. The PowerScribe One cloud platform also unites a wider collaborative community of innovators and […]

Testing a partnership under the pressures of a pandemic

Prioritizing progress The Radiology Alliance team was among the more than ninety percent of radiology practices in the U.S. that experienced a major decline in the volume of procedures unrelated to COVID-19. “Instead of a standard deployment, we suddenly found ourselves upending everything we do—as well as how and where we do it—while simultaneously moving […]