Karen Holzberger
Karen Holzberger is the senior vice president and general manager of Nuance’s Healthcare’s diagnostic solutions business. Karen joined Nuance in 2014 with more than 15 years of experience in the Healthcare industry. Prior to Nuance, she was the vice president and general manager of Global Radiology Workflow at GE Healthcare where she managed service, implementation, product management and development for mission critical healthcare IT software. Karen attended Stevens Institute of Technology where she earned a B.S in Mechanical Engineering.
Karen Holzberger’s stories
A 2019 prediction: Radiologists accelerate the adoption of workflow-integrated AI solutions

I have a prediction for the adoption of AI in radiology in 2019: radiologists not only will adopt workflow-integrated AI solutions in increasing numbers, they will accelerate development and application of these solutions throughout the healthcare value chain. I base that on three observations from last month’s RSNA conference in Chicago: There’s been a sea […]

Winning game-changers for really “doing AI” in radiology

The annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) reliably produces a lot of important radiology news, and it would be fair to say that this year’s conference was no exception. In fact, it’s more accurate to call the news from this year’s conference – game-changing. RSNA 2018 was exceptional for the marked […]

Hunting for the “easy” button: Finding balance and minimizing radiology overhead

The workplace dynamics of radiology reading “rooms” have changed dramatically in the last few decades. It’s less common for radiologists to sit in a single reading room and have the option to talk directly with each other about how to manage the daily workload. In addition to the physical separation, today’s radiology workloads have become […]

A Real View: Lung cancer screening programs

According to the Lung Cancer Foundation of America, 433 Americans die every day from lung cancer—that’s one person about every three minutes. Despite its position as the leading cancer to cause death, routine screening programs have only just been established in recent years. I had the chance to talk recently with Dr. Juan Batlle, whose […]

A Real View: Cloud-based data analytics and insights for clinical excellence

Nuance Healthcare Diagnostics Vice President and General Manager Karen Holzberger sat down with Dr. William Boonn to get a clinician’s view of why the new mPower Clinical Analytics offering – part of the mPower suite of clinical excellence solutions – represents such a significant step forward for radiologists and for healthcare professionals everywhere. In nearly […]

Achieving interoperability for radiology requires a holistic approach and long-term vision

Interoperability for healthcare IT and radiology is a tough, yet important challenge that healthcare systems, providers and patients face. The goals for interoperability as defined by the U.S. Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) include: 1. the vision of a learning health system where individuals are at the center of their care and […]

Triathletes running to bicycles on beachGoing the distance for continuous improvement and excellence in radiology

If you want to understand where radiology and radiology workflows are heading, just listen to your colleagues, friends or family members talk about fitness routines. Gone are the days when getting fit was mainly about pumping iron, working the weight machine circuit or getting on a cardio machine. People still do those things, of course, […]

AI Marketplace is open for business! Developers create deep learning algorithms for radiology.

Here’s a bit of news followed by a little history. First, the news:  The Nuance AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging is officially open for business! After finalizing logistics and implementing the details, the AI Marketplace officially welcomed its first 34 AI software developers, since its ‘doors opened’ at the HIMSS18 conference earlier this month. These […]

The radiology quality & value Olympics

What if radiology were a sport at the Winter Olympics? Would it be the giant slalom, moving at high speed through a series of gates in constantly changing conditions? Or would it be the biathlon, requiring a rapid cross-country pace with stops for precision shooting? Or maybe it would be figure skating, blending technical and […]