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Voice is predicted to be key for mobile user interfaces of the future

Looking back over several decades, Hollywood has many times been the source of a cinematic reveal of emerging technologies that seem so far-fetched and obscure, the audience can only dream of their existence.  Over time though, what was once considered fiction turns into reality, and adoption of the most useful, natural, and attainable technologies become […]

Organizations need to rethink using passwords for authentication

It’s now mid-January which means a number of yearly traditions are well underway. You’ve likely reflected on the past year, made goals or predictions for the year to come and you also meticulously changed all of your passwords to arbitrary combinations of numbers and letters to be sure all of your accounts are completely secure….. […]


With security breaches surfacing at an alarming rate, it’s no surprise that financial institutions are searching for an alternative to the traditional password. This recent CNBC segment, “Biometrics and mobiles: Banking’s future?” is part of the series titled “Industrial Revolutions” and focuses on technologies that are revolutionizing the banking industry. The first half of the […]

The votes are in and the people have made their opinions heard. After five rounds of exciting matchups, we can officially announce that from a field of 32 iconic voices, the title of The Greatest Voice of All Time belongs to Mr. James Earl Jones. As a company that explores the possibilities of voice daily, […]