Karen Simonenko
Karen Simonenko is the Vice President and General Manager of Nuance Healthcare’s Clinical Quality and Revenue Integrity solutions business. Karen joined Nuance in 2019 with more than 30 years of experience in the Healthcare industry. Prior to Nuance, she was an executive consultant guiding executives in addressing and resolving critical project and client issues. She attained the knowledge and ability to coach others due to her extensive experience in management of product strategy, business operations, and client services while working at companies such as Meridian Medical Management as Executive Vice President, GE Healthcare as Vice President and IDX Systems Corporation. Karen attended the University of Vermont’s MBA program and holds her B.S. in Computer Information Systems from DeVry Institute of Technology.
Karen Simonenko’s stories
Female nurses working in officeSix ways your CDI technology should be working with you

AI-enabled technology combines CDI’s art and science to realize the patient’s story entirely. In this time of increased provider burnout, it’s not about asking more queries. It’s about asking a query that has a higher likelihood of impacting the organization’s bottom line. Ensure that your CDI technology is working for you and not against you […]

Using Encounter Prioritization to Solve Critical CDI Challenges

Whether you’re in a facility or working remotely, wading through all of your cases one by one is time-consuming. If you’re not currently using encounter prioritization, your CDI team will use any number of ways to determine which cases to work on next. They might prioritize a particular payer or unit, or focus on the […]

Two Clinicians Reviewing Clinical Documentation Program3 Strategies for Doing More with Less in CDI

Many CDI teams saw their personnel pulled to the bedside or furloughed in the pandemic’s early months. With the pandemic worsening throughout the US, healthcare organizations find themselves needing to cut costs and find revenue. CDI staffing levels will continue to be lower than before the pandemic, and teams will be asked to do more […]