Keith Mourer’s stories

I’ve been watching a lot of football lately and seeing a quarterback get ‘blindsided’ is painful. Hits that come from either side, without any warning or view, are the very worst and often lead to injury, a fumble, and frustration from both the quarterback and the coach. When the quarterback knows a hit is coming, […]

Our business was founded on the premise that proactive automated communications can offload much of the day-to-day interactions that businesses have with their customers and can be just as effective as live agent communications, at a fraction of the cost.  This message is still true, but as we all know, technology will never fully replace […]

We know that all companies, especially large established corporations, are clamoring for a larger share of the same customer population.  Take wireless carriers:  91% of Americans have a cell phone and over half of them have a smartphone. Think that market is growing from an overall customer base standpoint? If so, it’s not by much. […]