Ken Arakelian
Ken Arakelian is the director of product management for Nuance's On Demand business. With more than 15 years of experience, Ken has worked in the contact center industry as a consultant, account manager and product manager.
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4 key lessons for innovation success

Unfortunately, conversational AI innovation isn’t a light-bulb moment. If it was, our jobs would be much easier. Instead, designing innovative AI technologies requires a massive amount of problem-solving, organization and collaboration between teams. It’s never a straightforward process, and it’s often time-consuming, but it can lead to great results. Just look to Nuance Pathfinder for […]

Conversational AI: “How many ounces in a cup?” or “Show me pictures of a pup”?

Quantum Leap There was a TV show called “Quantum Leap” where Sam Beckett, a scientist, is trapped in a time travel experiment gone wrong and “leaps” into a different person’s body each week. Every episode starts with the moments after he leapt into the next body and he found himself in a funny (or dangerous) situation. Sam had […]

Do you need “expert conversations” in your automated customer service interactions?

If you went into a barber shop or a salon and said, “I want a haircut, please,” and then someone started cutting your hair – you’d probably walk right out because that person didn’t bother to ask questions and get into the details of what you really want. Similarly, if you told a designer that you’d […]

English Language Day: Thoughts on the conundrum of linguistics

“The more we know about something, the less able we are to imagine what it feels like to not know it.” –Steven Pinker “And I can’t think of any place where that is more true than with language.” –Elyse Kufeldt (distinguished designer at Nuance) commenting on quote by Steven Pinker. Monday, April 23rd, was English Language Day. This day […]

Oh! I know! I know! – Proactive voice interfaces: Part III of “What’s left to tackle in voice technology”

Everyone knows that kid in class that knew everything. Constantly raising their hand when the teacher asked a question, silently insisting, “I know! I know the answer! Call on me!” If you don’t know this kid – maybe you were this kid. Well, here he is again, in your adult life. The smart speaker. The next […]

walkie talkies are voice technology of the past just as today's smart speakers will fade into the past as wellOver and Out – Moving beyond the walkie-talkie voice interface: Part II of “What’s left to tackle in voice technology”

“Over” was short for “over to you” indicating that it’s your turn to talk on a short wave radio or walkie-talkie (or any half duplex comm tech for you nerds out there). Smart speakers are super cool and a step forward in voice – but they’re still half duplex, klunky, unnatural voice interfaces. We’ll all look […]