Kole Lentini
Kole is interning with the Digital Marketing Team for Summer 2020, helping them out with whatever they need, from spreadsheets to backend website development, and using this opportunity to learn more about himself and his potential career path. He previously held a position as a Private Contractor in the Marketing department at Sportcoups, LLC the previous summer where he built his experience, created social media ads, and worked on generating leads. Kole is going into his Senior year as a Communications Major at the University of New England, aiming to also get a minor in Business with a focus in Marketing, Advertising, and Management. He’s a former athlete who had to retire due to injury, but fills his free time by playing music, videogames, and spending time with friends and family.
Kole Lentini’s stories
My internship at Nuance in the wake of COVID-19: uncertainty and satisfaction

Going into this summer, I really had no idea what to expect. I finished up my onboarding process, and then I crossed my fingers and hoped I still had a job. I’d heard about many of my friend’s internships falling through due to COVID-19, so when I got the email saying my internship was a […]