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Digital customer service channels are on the rise but customers still turn to call centers as their escalation channel.

For the first time ever, according to a recent Forrester survey, web self-service is now the most widely used communication channel for customer service, putting live agents (the voice channel) in the No. 2 spot. Social and mobile channel usage is also growing at a healthy rate – most data I’ve seen shows double digit […]

How customer experience can increase revenue and improve customer retention

One of my favorite subjects to read, write and talk about is customer loyalty. It’s one of the most coveted attributes for a business, yet it is so often misunderstood. As we’ve talked about before, many organizations strive to “delight” their customers. However, the problem is that does not automatically translate to customer loyalty. The […]

customer self-service

In a recent post on the five key imperatives for creating effortless customer self-service, Greg Pal hit on a very important point, customer loyalty is not built by delighting customers, but rather from reducing the customer’s effort to solve a problem. The truth is, in an effort to delight customers, many businesses actually fail to […]