Leslie Nielsen
Leslie Nielsen, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Nuance, is on a mission to keep employees and customers safe and secure. With more than two decades of cybersecurity experience, Leslie has served on many Fortune 500 steering committees, is a member of the Google CISO Advisory Board, and an invited speaker at security industry events. Prior to Nuance, Leslie held multiple executive-level positions including CISO at SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Concur, and the SAP Cloud Business Group. Leslie was a Practice Manager for IBM Security Intelligence & Operations, CTO at SOS Security, a Forsythe Company, and CISO at Premier Farnell.

Leslie Nielsen’s stories

Hey Mom, I Just Called to Say ILOVEYOU

In early May 2000, I was presenting my company’s products at a smart card conference in Miami Beach. The gentleman in the booth next to me was in the middle of a demonstration of his company’s email security product. Live on the big screen, in front of attendees, his computer was hit by the “ILOVEYOU” […]