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Looking toward the future, the customer service industry will benefit from technologic innovation, including biometrics, omnichannel, and artificial intelligence.

Resolutions and predictions are the hallmark of a new year. Pausing to reflect on the previous year allows the individual milestones and announcements to coalesce into achievement that has propelled the industry forward. It is also an opportunity to look ahead, tap into that momentum, and project what’s next. Last year we predicted 2016 would […]

Websites are getting increasingly complex. Businesses must offer simplicity and efficiency to win over customers.

Abandonment and churn. These two words strike fear in our hearts as customer experience executives, marketers and business people. It’s why year after year businesses spend millions investing in their websites – adding content, service portals, and more. The goal is reduce complexity for customers. To connect them to the products and services they want […]

As customers are increasingly using new methods of communication such as texting and messaging apps, businesses must adapt their customer service accordingly.

The world of customer service looks vastly different than it did 20 years ago. With the pace of change, new channels and higher expectations have forced a change from what defined industry leading service even five years ago. Consumers are communicating in fundamentally different ways and the number of touch points continues to explode. Gaining […]

Consumers have become completely reliant on digital devices, which is breeding a phenomenon called ‘digital amnesia’.

There was a time when we easily recalled phone numbers, addresses, important dates, and the name of the restaurant where we had dinner last week. But that time is now past, thanks to “digital amnesia.” In 2011, researchers at Columbia University identified the “google effect” – concluding that when humans are confident that they know […]

Digital amnesia means consumers are more forgetful.

Phone numbers, addresses, directions, facts, figures, and the name of that restaurant you liked last week – this information is all just a tap away. It’s no wonder we reach for our phones dozens of times a day. Just as the internet changed the way we work and learn, smartphones have transformed how we access […]

St. Patricks’ Day always brings talk of luck and chance. But are too many companies relying on luck when it comes to satisfying customers with service experiences?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In anticipation of March 17th, there’s been much talk about luck and chance at my house – we’re flying to Las Vegas to watch my niece compete in the Silver Dollar Circuit Quarter Horse Show. Where else can you find a hotel casino that also boasts an equestrian complex? Sophia competes […]

If you listen carefully, Star Wars shares tips to embrace the future of customer service.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is setting records with a $238 million opening weekend and the first movie to ever cross the $1 billion threshold in just 12 days. It has also captured the hearts and minds of millions of viewers – including my six-year-old nephew who is all but vibrating with anticipation. This Christmas, […]

Achieving always is a magical experience – it means you have earned customer loyalty and trust.

Not long ago I was reading Shep Hyken’s blog and was struck by his simple suggestion for measuring customer trust. Beyond the classic measures of repeat business, referrals and reviews, Shep proposed that whether or not customers use the word ‘always’ in describing a business – always responsive, always pleasant, always going the extra mile […]

We’ve come a long way since ATMs were introduced as one of the first self-service technologies, and once again the latest generation (this time it’s the Millennials) are bringing their desire for self-service to new levels.

I have an aunt who, to this day, had never withdrawn cash from an automated teller machine (ATM). Almost fifty years after ATMs were first introduced, she still doesn’t trust interactions with the cold, impersonal screen. Instead she heads to the nearest, smiling teller for assistance with all her banking needs – confident the human-to-human […]

Delivering effortless self-service with intelligent virtual assistant technology.

With my iPhone providing instant answers to random questions (“What is a crepinette?) and YouTube offering DIY tutorials for just about everything, I find myself impatient with sales and service encounters that don’t make it easy for me to serve myself. It’s not that I don’t enjoy my morning banter with the Starbucks baristas, but […]

Pixar’s Inside Out shows how technology may be causing “digital amnesia.”

Pixar’s latest cinematic creation – Inside Out – is one of the most endearing movies I’ve seen in a long time. The movie centers on the inner workings of the brain of a young girl, personified by five main characters: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust. The characters take turns directing the girl’s emotional responses […]

Voice biometrics delivers easier, safer security authentication without the need for complex passwords and PINs.

The first date. An occasion filled with equal parts dread and anticipation. As much as dating apps – Tinder, Okay Cupid, Plenty of Fish, etc. – have changed how people connect, the desire to have a perfect first meeting with the person who may turn out to be THE one – remains constant. Imagine how […]

Eliminate the silos between outbound communication and inbound conversations to create a consistent customer experience.

Customer service has overtaken price and convenience as the greater influence on consumer buying decisions. Consumers no longer have tolerance for sub-par experiences, and the consequences of bad service are significant. In fact, Nuance’s research shows, two-thirds of consumers say they have cancelled a service or ended a relationship with a company because of a […]

Customers want proactive, anticipatory customer service to help them avoid issues.

Good customer service is no longer a matter of being there 24×7; today it means anticipating customer needs and preemptively helping them avoid problems. What happens when businesses aren’t equipped to break through the noise and proactively engage their customers? Unfortunately, it creates the potential for forgetful or distracted consumers to encounter a “BizMisconnect” that […]

New research shows that Millennial expectations for customer service are now impacting customer demands across all generations.

Despite the growing dominance of Millennials, consumer-facing companies also need to meet the needs of 75 million Baby Boomers and 66 million members of Generation X. Finding the right balance is difficult. For customer service professionals, the question is typically how to serve different generations differently. But perhaps what we should be asking is: Are […]

Connecting the conversations across the entire customer experience is key to business success.

Increasingly, consumers expect the companies they do business with to value their time and proactively help them avoid issues. Influenced by innovation across the breadth of their business relationships, they have higher expectations for the convenience, consistency, ease and speed of the service they receive. In fact, our recent research conducted by Wakefield Research showed […]

This Groundhog Day, don’t let your shadow prevent your customer service organization from innovating.

Today is Groundhog Day – the time of year when everyone watches to see if groundhogs like Punxsutawney Phil will see their shadow and go back to their burrow for another six weeks. In modern day culture, the most famous witness to the annual emergence must be Phil Connors, the weatherman in the movie Groundhog […]