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Technology can help us stay productive and achieve work-life balance.

When it comes to work-life balance, my thinking tends to be somewhat mixed. My left brain tells me there’s a logical approach to achieving this state, while my right brain is more subjective and thinks it may never happen.  My dual personality, when it comes to this issue, means I can agree to disagree – […]

Small business owners shouldn’t be burdened by documentation and paperwork.

Small business owners face numerous challenges, including money allocation, limited staff, time-constraints, and customer satisfaction. However, something that can become one of the biggest impediments to growing a business can be time spent on work, namely paperwork. Business owners have to wear many hats, including, in some cases, serving as their own office administrator, which […]

Voice recording and transcription simplify documentation and reporting for the mobile workforce.

Ever since the study of automatic speech recognition (ASR) and transcription began in the 1930s with AT&T’s Bell Labs, people have been intrigued by the process of making machines that respond to natural language. From a machine that was demonstrated at the 1939 World Fairs by experts that used a keyboard and foot pedals to […]

Office technology like speech recognition software can reduce documentation workloads and boost productivity

Face it, when you need to get something done, you want to do it right the first time — especially on the job. Completing tasks accurately means that you spend less time working (and reworking!) and more time on you. While many of us invest in applications that claim to help boost our productivity, oftentimes […]