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“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” Albert Einstein   When enterprises undertake the crucial step of incorporating AI into their business, they can’t start with just using AI for basic functions. That’s already being done by their competitors. Instead, they absolutely must […]

It’s no secret that today’s culture has adopted more of a self-help mentality. Not only do we prefer to serve ourselves when dealing with our bills or bank accounts, but we like to dabble a bit with DIY. From DIY cooking to DIY home repairs, from DIY language learning to DIY crafting, YouTube has become […]

As contact center managers look around for how to improve the conversational experience their organizations deliver, they run into an all-encompassing theme: AI. Artificial intelligence has become a staple in the conversational platform space, and companies must find the vendor that specializes in it if they’re going to join the AI race. In an effort […]


If you were given $50 to spend, would you spend it on something material? Or would you rather use it to buy some time? For example, pay someone to clean your house or do your grocery shopping. A study was published in July this year by a team at Harvard Business School, in which people […]


Some companies are a natural when it comes to communicating with their customers. They’re attractive, pleasant, interesting… but are they memorable? They may be the life of the party, but are they gaining customers that trust and value them? Are they making more than just acquaintances – but, rather, loyal customers? A meaningful customer experience […]

Enhanced Customer service experiences with chatbots and live chat

“Human interactions are declining with the rise of digital channels and will become a rarity and more valuable. Therefore, if you can apply human interaction at a defining moment for a customer, it will have a far greater impact.” (Gartner) The new generation of smart virtual assistants is redefining digital commerce and customer care as […]

Businesses must learn to offer exceptional customer service on digital channels.

Want to positively influence your brand’s reputation? Invest in digital transformation. Digital customer service solutions and best practices enable you to achieve stellar business results: increased customer lifetime value, reduced customer churn, lowered operational costs, and increased customer satisfaction. Today, digital transformation requires integrating artificial intelligence into your customer service solutions. In Forrester’s “Predictions 2017: […]

While artificial intelligence has become a popular buzzword in our society, there’s still some haziness about what it actually means, and how businesses can best leverage this technology.

These days, it feels like you can’t read the news without coming across a story about artificial intelligence. As it would seem, artificial intelligence is doing everything from composing music to driving the cars of the future. But while the term has made its way into our everyday lexicon, what exactly is artificial intelligence? How […]

It takes work to plan, harvest and sell strawberries, but the customer experience is no different.

Patience is necessary, and one cannot reap immediately what one has sown.                                   – Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard Occasionally, I drive through an expansive California agricultural scene on my way to Santa Barbara (The melodic phrase “strawberry fields forever” […]