Mark Geremia
Mark Geremia is Vice President and General Manager for Dragon Professional and Consumer and oversees the product and marketing strategy for Nuance's Dragon speech recognition and documentation workflow portfolio. Mark has held various leadership roles within the Dragon business over the last decade, and with his team continues to expand Dragon's reach across enterprise, legal and law enforcement markets, transforming productivity and documentation accuracy for professional individuals and large organizations. Prior to joining Nuance in 2005, Mark held key marketing management positions at both large and small technology companies. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from Bentley College.
Mark Geremia’s stories
New survey reveals impact of paperwork burden in policing

The time to move towards more modern police reporting tools is running down fast, and police departments will do well to heed its call. Automated police reporting solutions are no longer a “nice-to-have,” but a “must-have,” as recent data from our 2019 Role of Technology in Law Enforcement Paperwork Survey suggests. The law enforcement professionals […]

The rising impact of technology in law enforcement

As we continue to prepare for IACP 2019, this year has sparked a lot of conversation amongst my team and me about how technology has become an integral piece of the law enforcement arsenal. It’s exciting to see the impact new technology is making and how it is shaping the future of law enforcement. These […]

The countdown to IACP 2019

In my blog last month, I discussed how my team and I have been preparing for the upcoming International Association of Chiefs of Police annual conference (IACP 2019). Now, with the show only a few weeks away, we are getting excited about the opportunity to speak to law enforcement professionals from across the country and […]

The rising tide of a flexible, mobile workforce

Workplace flexibility was once a cutting-edge idea, differentiating new, trendy companies from the pack. Today it’s proving to be an essential recruitment tool, a factor that many organizations need to consider to attract and maintain the best talent. In a recent New York Times article, employees say they are willing to accept lower-paying jobs in […]

Take a moment to celebrate working parents today

If social media is any indication, there seems to be a day to celebrate nearly everything. This week’s National Working Parent’s Day, which many observe today, really caught my attention. While my team and I speak about productivity often, today has me thinking about the delicate balance all parents must make between their jobs and […]

Gearing up for IACP 2019

In September, my team and I start planning for our massive event schedule. The International Association of Chiefs of Police annual conference (IACP 2019) in Chicago this coming October is one of them. This year’s theme, in particular, “Shaping the Future of Law Enforcement,” caught my attention. As we look at advancements in technology, one […]

Build better customer relationships with digital automation

I recently came across an article that stated six out of every ten employees expect that they will have artificial intelligence or advanced automation solutions in place by 2022. What was once considered reserved for only early adopters and leading tech teams, is now being used to speed up routine tasks such as eDiscovery in law […]

Why back to school resets my focus to saving time

This summer, we had more than 30 interns from universities across the country working throughout the company, in departments from Research and Development, Finance, Marketing, Professional Services, Information Technology, and Sales Operations. Our interns spent twelve weeks with us. They had an opportunity to contribute to our teams, participate in “lunch and learns,” volunteer, and […]

Making time to deliver an excellent client experience

Financial advisors, like many professionals in service-related fields, spend a lot of time on administrative work. They need to keep up with daily paperwork, meet regulatory compliance requirements, and deliver the right products and services to clients. For advisors, a considerable part of providing an excellent customer experience is their ability to mitigate the degree […]

AI is capturing the legal industry’s attention

The mystique around AI technology is driving a tendency for lawyers, especially those working in small practices, to believe that it’s inaccessible. And, it is a luxury that only larger legal firms and departments can afford. The increased adoption and availability of AI solutions is proving that it is not only accessible but may be […]

Making real-time reporting and data sharing a reality

Growing shifts in mobilization mean business is moving faster than ever today. Technology not only enables us to work with increased efficiency and speed but also more productively. The demand for smart devices and cloud-based applications make it easier to work across different platforms to capture, report, and share data and helps drive better customer […]

Why focusing on documentation productivity is the right move in business

For all the talk and shifts towards all-things digital and connected in our personal lives, many businesses are still slow to make a move toward automated and optimized document processes. A recent study found that 84% of small companies, as one example, often rely on manual input methods to complete reporting and other documentation. One […]