Mark Geremia
Mark Geremia is Vice President and General Manager for Dragon Professional and Consumer and oversees the product and marketing strategy for Nuance's Dragon speech recognition and documentation workflow portfolio. Mark has held various leadership roles within the Dragon business over the last decade, and with his team continues to expand Dragon's reach across enterprise, legal and law enforcement markets, transforming productivity and documentation accuracy for professional individuals and large organizations. Prior to joining Nuance in 2005, Mark held key marketing management positions at both large and small technology companies. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from Bentley College.
Mark Geremia’s stories
The smart move towards enterprise mobility

I recently came across an article about the growing use of mobile solutions, such as smartphones and cloud-sharing apps, and how they are changing the corporate landscape. The ability to stay connected and access and share data in real-time is exciting to us and builds on our long-term vision of designing powerful solutions to improve […]

Alleviating the paperwork burden in policing

Paperwork burnout is not a new phenomenon. Recently, however, the impact of heavy documentation on increasing burnout is making headlines again. The healthcare industry, in fact, just declared burnout a crisis for physicians, which is not surprising considering that doctors can spend as much as half of their workday on clinical documentation. The same holds […]

Technology helps officers stay situationally aware

There is a great deal of training involved in becoming a police officer, which makes sense, it’s a dangerous job.  Part of this training includes being well-versed on situational awareness, an important skill that officers learn using various tactical techniques. These include how and when to maintain a safe space between themselves and citizens, to […]

Make time to understand your customers’ needs

We spend a lot of time speaking to our customers, trying to understand the problems they are looking to solve, from obstacles they may face as a result of heavy reporting demands, issues surrounding employee burnout, to the impact of inefficiencies in their documentation workflows. Listening to customers carefully can help us work with them […]

Summer-proof productivity and go mobile

Mobile usage changes when it gets warmer; as an example, smartphone usage spikes by 2x when the weather heats up. Let’s face it, during the summer months, when many of us start thinking about spending quality time with friends and family, being productive can become a difficult balancing act.  Fortunately, there are new, powerful mobile […]

What’s your documentation problem?

For decades, Nuance has led the charge towards conversational AI with our voice and language innovations. We began this long journey with the introduction of Dragon speech recognition, the first software system that intelligently transcribed words into text. Today, while we don’t anticipate our solutions will completely replace manual documentation processes, they can certainly help […]

Dragon notes from 2019 FINRA Conference

For a second year, we exhibited at the 2019 Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) conference this past month.  The organization’s annual conference is an opportunity for professionals working in financial services to network, keep abreast of the latest trends in financial technology (FinTech), as well as learn about proposed rulings and best practices. One panel […]

Survey finds financial advisors want automated tools

The results of a national survey of financial services professionals find that financial advisors continue to seek automated tools to help meet documentation, compliance, and client service goals. The survey findings, which are not surprising to us, indicate that as advisors continue to be burdened with administrative duties, like heavy documentation, they want better tools […]

Improving compliance and client service in the era of digital transformation

In a recent blog, I discussed how the financial services industry needs to rise to face the challenge of digital transformation, all while trying to remain competitive, maintain compliance and improve the customer experience.  During a recent meeting with my team, this topic came up again. We met to discuss our presence at the upcoming […]

Turning time-savings into professional and personal satisfaction

The history of time-keeping dates back thousands of years, with the Egyptians eventually dividing the day into 12-hour periods. Since then, methods of tracking time have evolved from using tools like the hourglass to mechanical clocks and smartwatches. Regardless of the device, the measurement of time is important and saving it even more so. Whether […]

Impact of innovation within law firms

Like many industries, technology is heavily influencing the way law firms conduct business. Today, the expectation for legal professionals is that they want to use innovative tools to help them work faster and smarter, work from anywhere, and have information readily available. The pace of innovation has not only heightened the expectations of law firms […]

Don’t let paperwork become an obstacle for your employees

In an earlier blog, I wrote about how relying on manual documentation alone is error-prone, can be inefficient, and costly. There are many other obstacles to manual documentation processes, but for this blog, I want to focus on one area most often addressed by our customers – paperwork burnout. According to a recent study, many […]