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With its annual Las Vegas backdrop, the International Consumer Electronics Show has been bringing together the world’s best brands, tech gurus, and innovators for more than 40 years. And each year brings a new set of top tech trends that we’ll be sure to see become the next consumer must-haves over the next 12 months. […]

Date: Nov 22nd, 2013 Time: 4pm Location: Downtown Paris The Ma Maison Connectée Hackathon had begun! The event was organized by Christophe ROMEI of and sponsored by Direct Energie, one of the top utilities in France, represented by their Président Directeur Générale, Xavier CAÏTUCOLI. Nine developer teams came to create cool and innovative apps […]

Dragon speech recognition makes it easier to use a computer simply by speaking. From dictating documents, sending email, to controlling computer applications by voice, Dragon is used in diverse ways – and by a diverse range of people. From students and grandparents to busy professionals, to those with accessibility issues like carpal tunnel, Dragon offers […]

Problem: You’re always on the go, and don’t always have the time to check your phone – whether it be when running to your next meeting, or in the car. Solution: Let Dragon Mobile Assistant keep you up to date & in the know with Voice Notifications. Never miss an important call, text or meeting […]

Problem: Gearing up for the winter months means being prepared for ever-changing weather. And if you’re anything like me, you tend to forget to check the forecast before leaving the house – which always leads to being freezing cold, having wet feet, or a ruined hairstyle. Solution: Check the weather while on the go with […]

Problem: Sometimes planning to meet up with friends can be difficult. Texting ‘where are you?’ and follow-up phone calls become tiresome, especially if you’re somewhere that isn’t easy to find or direct someone to. Solution: Let Dragon Mobile Assistant be your guide! With its location sharing feature, you’ll always find friends – and can even […]

Problem: You’re using Dragon Mobile Assistant, and need to make some quick changes to your settings while on the go. Solution: Use Dragon’s new Quick Access Setting Menu – with just a few taps you’ll be on your way. Dragon’s All-New Quick Access Settings Menu Change your settings in a few simple steps. Launch Dragon […]

Problem: You love using Dragon Mobile Assistant’s rich features to access content and more on the go, like Driver Mode, but aren’t sure if you’re taking advantage of all the available features. Solution: Improve your assistant experience with everything Driver Mode has to offer. When in this mode, Dragon Mobile Assistant can be activated with simple […]

Problem: You’re about to head out on a fall foliage drive, but want to know if you’ll get stuck in traffic on those busy highways. Solution: Use Dragon to access traffic monitors like, Mapquest, and more quickly and easily – simply by using your voice! Dragon Go! Search Capabilities Check traffic conditions near you […]

Problem: You’re trying to text a friend while on the move and have a bad case of fumbling fingers. Solution: Don’t type, just Swype. With quick and easy Swype gestures, you’ll be able to send that text in seconds. Swype Gestures Swype gestures are shortcuts on the Swype keyboard that help you quickly accomplish common […]

If you’re like me, fall is definitely a favorite season. Leaf peeping, apple picking, cozying up with a good book on a blustery day, or all of the above. And with Dragon at your side, you have a useful companion to help coordinate weekend activities, simply by speaking. Fall On the Go Need a personal […]

Problem: You want to buy opening weekend movie tickets for the movie you’ve been dying to see. Solution: Use Dragon to access Fandango and order tickets quickly and easily, all through voice command. Dragon’s search carousel helps you open a wide range of content and services you love – like Fandango. Dragon Go! Search Capabilities Find […]

Problem: You’ve been using Dragon Mobile Assistant and now want to change the standard Dragon voice. Solution: You can now choose between three voice options to customize your experience: Jessica, Victoria or Jonathan. Dragon will now speak to you in the voice that best represents your personality. Personalize Your Mobile Assistant’s Voice Option Change your Dragon […]

Problem: You need to reply to a text but don’t have your hands free to type it out. Solution: Dragon Mobile Assistance’s messaging feature lets you speak a text to reply directly to your Android, without lifting a finger. Messaging Follow these simple steps to learn how to reply to a text message quickly and […]

From laptops to smartphones to touchscreen blackboards – the classroom is much more advanced than it used to be. Instead of sharpening up their Number 2 pencils, students are taking notes on tablets. Instead of keeping notebooks of to-do lists, they’re using apps to organize their homework schedules and due dates. It’s the classroom of […]

Problem: You’re in the middle of cooking dinner, your hands are otherwise engaged, but you want to listen to some music to spice things up. Solution: Don’t stop, just talk. With simple voice commands, Dragon Mobile Assistant will have you listening to your Android’s music playlist quickly – and conveniently. On-Device Music Player Listen to music […]

Problem: You need to send a quick email but your hands are busy with another task.  Solution: Don’t type your email, speak it. With Dragon Mobile Assistant at the ready, you can remain hands-free when and where you need to. Using Email Dictation, there is no typing or stopping required. Hands-Free Email Dictation Send emails by […]

With September just around the corner, and the school year looming, we know you’re thinking of how you can help your student (and yourself) work faster and smarter. Here are some helpful tips on ways Dragon speech recognition can help: Take notes and organize your thoughts. The number one step to working smarter is having […]

Problem: You need to find last minute Labor Day weekend plans but don’t know where to look. Solution: Ask Dragon. Dragon Mobile Assistant can look up events taking place in your area for Labor Day. Its search carousel includes Eventful, which helps you find fun activities. Dragon is ready to fulfill your search needs – […]

To many people, Dragon Mobile Assistant is much more than a “virtual” assistant that helps with everyday tasks – like scheduling appointments, hands-free texting, and keeping you connected with friends and family, simply by speaking. In a sense, it’s also an assistant with its own personality. Having said that, in our ongoing effort to continue […]

Problem: You need to text a friend, get today’s weather update or dictate an email – quickly and hands-free – but your phone is still “asleep.” Solution: Just speak. Now you can use your voice to wake-up Dragon Mobile Assistant using the new Customizable Wake-up Word feature. This feature let’s you choose a personal wake-up […]

Problem: You are attending a wedding this weekend and need to remember to pick up your outfit from the dry cleaner before it closes. Solution: Simply tell Dragon to schedule a calendar event such as, “Schedule Calendar Event – Pick up Dry Cleaning on Tuesday, July 30th, 7 pm.” Now, when you’re on your way […]

It’s that time of year – fall clothes start popping up in stores, your house fills up with school supplies, and you’re planning for the new school year. It’s Back to School time – and Nuance is here to help you navigate busy schedules, stay organized, and help your student learn. Manage Your Schedule With […]

Problem: You’re at a party with some friends when a familiar song comes on the stereo, but you can’t remember the lyrics. Solution: Be the life of the party and use Dragon’s web search feature to look them up! Simply tell Dragon, “Search (your preferred search engine) for song lyrics.” Dragon will display the latest […]

While on vacation, you’re out exploring a new city when you find yourself lost. Instead of wandering the streets aimlessly, use Dragon’s Maps and Directions feature to help you navigate! Simply tell Dragon, “I need directions.” Once Dragon identifies where you are on a map, you can give further instruction – like finding a specific […]

Summer is the time everyone looks to get away – especially to more exotic locations. And while that may mean exploring new cultural hotspots, beaches, museums and more, it also means meeting new people. So, what do you do if you don’t speak the native language? TripLingo – a mobile phrasebook and translation app powered […]

You’ve just gotten home from a long day at work when you open your fridge and see it’s completely empty. You forgot to go grocery shopping on your way home and now have nothing to make for dinner. You figure it’s time to shuffle through your regular stack of take-out menus when it hits you- […]

We live in a connected world and you need a personal assistant that can keep up with you. Never miss an important alert, incoming call or upcoming appointment again. Now, with our latest release, Dragon Mobile Assistant features Voice Notifications that will always keep you updated. Dragon Mobile Assistant now reads back your Facebook posts, […]

The temperature is getting hotter, the flip flops are out, and more folks are taking nice, long drives – convertible optional. The signs that summer is just around the corner are here. And for me, summer always means the coolest music events like Summerfest and Gathering of the Vibes, BBQs, and tons (and I mean […]

Yesterday, we launched our new note-taking app – Dragon Notes – a quick and fun app that lets you speak notes, create and organize to do lists, and more – using your voice. Dragon Notes is the perfect app if you need to be hyper-organized at work, want to organize your daily to-dos, or anyone […]

How often do you find yourself jotting down ideas, reminders or any other need-to keep information on sticky notes? Today, you can say goodbye to those random paper reminders and hello to Dragon Notes, an app we’ve just introduced that’s optimized for Microsoft Windows 8 devices. Dragon Notes lets you capture, organize and share notes […]

Dragon is celebrating graduation and Father’s Day with a savings event of over $55 off our speech recognition software. If you’re looking for a unique gift for your Grad or Dad, let them turn talk into text so they can get more done at home, school or on-the-go. Shop our Dads and Grads offers now […]

Living in a mobile-driven world, we all spend hours on our phones. And we’ve come to a point where we view our smartphones as friends; no longer just physical devices. So why not treat your phone like a real friend and give it a name? With Dragon Mobile Assistant, you can. Say hello to our […]

Do you constantly misspell words when you’re typing on your touchscreen phone? Be it messaging, sending mail or just social networking, it can be frustrating if you’re spending more time correcting misspelled words or making unnecessary keystrokes. Typing on your touchscreen can be easier, and that’s why countless mobile users Swype. And now with the […]

Last week we debuted the All NEW Swype – now available in the Google Play Store – and we want to help all you Swypers out there make the most of your new mobile app. Check out these quick tips on using Swype’s unique features: Dragon Dictation – Dragon’s voice recognition software seamlessly turns your […]

We just introduced Swype for Android on the Google Play store last week (get it here), and it got us thinking – what’s everyone’s swyping style – the way you input text on a touch screen? We all have our own personal flare – and that definitely extends to how we use our mobile devices. […]

Are you constantly looking for interesting places to eat? Too busy to sit at your computer and search for new restaurants in your area? Foodies rejoice! With Dragon Mobile Assistant at your service, you can not only find to the hottest new restaurant in town, but also make reservations – all while on the go. […]

Now available in the Google Play Store! The NEW Swype keyboard is all about you. Whether you’re a Tapper, Typer, Dictator, Swype’r, or have never used Swype before, the more you use it – the smarter – and faster – it gets. With availability in 62 languages and counting, you and all of your friends […]

Have you ever been on the go and forgotten to make an important call? Nothing is worse than dialing in late to a crucial business meeting or other phone appointment. With Dragon’s new Calendar Call Assistant you’ll never miss an important call again – and best of all, you don’t have to watch the clock; […]

With spring in full swing, it’s time for that honored tradition – spring cleaning. If you’re like me, your house needs a thorough buffering from the winter months, your closet needs a serious re-org, and your calendar needs to be updated with all the upcoming summer events (it’s wedding season too, after all). With this […]

In January of 2012, we pulled back the curtains and gave you your first look at Dragon TV, a revolutionary speech-driven platform that makes finding and accessing content in today’s digital living room faster and easier than ever before. Today we’ve announced that Panasonic’s new lineup of SMART VIERA® HDTVs will feature voice capabilities powered […]

Now, more than ever, voice recognition is in the spotlight. With many products in the market integrating the voice experience, voice recognition is becoming a must-have feature in the auto, smartphone and TV space. That’s what NDEV Mobile is all about – bringing the power of Dragon to developers small and large to speech-enable their […]

Congratulations Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S series welcomed a new addition this evening with the unveiling of the Galaxy S4 in New York. We at Nuance are proud to have our technologies play such an integral role in an epic moment in Samsung history.  S-Voice, S-Translator and S-Voice Drive leverage a broad range of Nuance’s […]

Ever been out with your friends and you need a quick answer? Like how old is Meryl Streep? Or, when is daylight savings time? Now, you can always have the right answers with the Search Tab in Dragon Mobile Assistant. Simply ask your question and Dragon delivers! It’s fast, simple and you never have […]

Wish you could stay connected while driving? Hands a mess while cooking in the kitchen? Take your Android hands-free with Dragon Mobile Assistant Driver Mode.  With Driver Mode, you can access messages, send texts, make calls, get directions and more with just your voice. To activate Driver Mode, simply tell Dragon ‘Turn on driver mode’ […]

From indestructible phones to smart TVs to interactive fitness gear, 2013 seems to be the year that tech is truly streamlined and integrated into our everyday lives. MSN Living recently shared their own top tech trends for 2013 – and the year is looking quite bright. Here are some of their top trends: On The […]

Always getting lost? Need help with navigation? Let Dragon Mobile Assistant get you where you need to go! Simply say ‘directions’, ‘navigation’, or give a specific address and Dragon will handle the rest. You can even ask Dragon to show you where you are, and it’ll display a map of your exact location. If you’re […]

Are you an app addict? Sick of constantly searching through your apps list for the one you want? Stop the endless scrolling – just tell your phone what you want and let it deliver the goods with Dragon Mobile Assistant. Simply tell Dragon the name of the app you want to open and it’ll bring […]

As the post-CES buzz continues, the tech world has been talking (even more than usual) about voice control and its new advancements. I recently read an article on ReadWrite Mobile that spoke to our ever-changing world and how this particular technology space is evolving along with us. In the article, author John Paul Titlow stated, […]

Never on time? Keep finding yourself late to those important meetings? We’ve got the answer to keep you on track! Set alarms with Dragon Mobile Assistant using simply the power of your voice. Step 1: Simply say “alarm”. Step 2: Dragon will ask what time to set the alarm. Answer with your chosen time – […]

Your days of scrolling through endless playlists are now over. Dragon Mobile Assistant makes it easy to request an artist or track simply with the power of your voice. Step 1: Say “listen to music” or “open music”. Step 2: Request a track or artist – ex. “play I Will Wait” or  “play Aerosmith”. Dragon […]

With the New Year underway, we’re moving forward with new innovations, new technologies and new partnerships for 2013 and beyond. Just last week, we headed to CES 2013 – and we made some pretty big announcements while we were there! From mobile updates to tech-loaded cars, we’ve got you covered: We unveiled Swype Living Language […]

With a new year beginning, many are looking ahead for insights and predictions on what’s to come – and in the realm of consumer tech, there’s no shortage of discussion on what we’ll be getting our hands on this year. Our own Chief Technology Officer, Vlad Sejnoha, shared his predictions for 2013 with Forbes and […]

Updating your social networks is now easier than ever – just use your voice! Dragon Mobile Assistant gives you a completely hands free social experience so you’re always connected – even when your hands are busy. Here are some tips on how to update your social networks with Dragon Mobile Assistant: Step 1: Make sure […]

Get even more out of your mobile assistant. Experience new features like the ability to play music, set an alarm, open other applications just by speaking, and much more. Dragon gives you direct, open access to the content you want on the mobile web from more than 200 content providers – no blue links or […]

In January of 2012, we pulled back the curtains and gave you your first look at Dragon TV, a revolutionary speech-driven platform that makes finding and accessing content in today’s digital living room faster and easier than ever before. Dragon TV thinks like you and enables a fast and intuitive search experience be it by […]

Schedule events and manage your calendar with the power of your voice! Here are some quick tips on how to use Dragon Mobile Assistant to keep you on track: Step 1: Tell Dragon to “Create an appointment” or “New meeting.” Step 2: Answer Dragon’s prompts for the date and time. Step 3: Tell Dragon to […]

When you think of Nuance Mobile, we know you think of Dragon Mobile Assistant, Swype, Dragon Search and more. But did you know that some of the apps you could be using right now are also powered by Nuance? With the NDEV Mobile Developers Program we’ve made it easier than ever to bring the power […]

Having a hands-free personal assistant can make anyone’s life easier. With Dragon Mobile Assistant, even the simplest task – like making a phone call – is a snap. Just say “Call ____” and the person’s full name, and Dragon Mobile Assistant does the rest. Check back here next week for more quick tips and tricks!

Calling all mobile developers, app enthusiasts, and service providers! This December we’ll be out-and-about at Le Web Paris and Mobile Developer Day Moscow with some exciting new Nuance speech and text solutions and services to share – and we’d love to see you there! Experience first-hand the latest from Nuance – check out the newest […]

Calling all mobile app developers! With mobile devices making their way to millions of consumers worldwide this holiday season, millions of people will be looking for new apps to load to their devices. Shouldn’t one of those apps be yours?! Starting today we’ll be making it easier than ever for you to integrate your app […]

Hello, Nuance Mobile fans!  It’s time for the TechCrunch Crunchies Awards for 2012 – and we’re up for nomination! For those who aren’t familiar, the Crunchies celebrate all of the best in tech voted on by the fans – whether it’s the best tech achievement, the best enterprise startup, the biggest social impact and much […]

We can’t wait to be at Le Web Paris this December and we know the same applies to you! The Nuance team will be updating attendees on the latest from Nuance and giving some really cool demos. Engage with us face-to-face on topics ranging from, the new Swype platform (check out, Dragon TV, Dragon […]

This past Monday, Nuance’s Dragon Drive! was chosen as a Consumer Electronics Association Innovation Award Honoree! Dragon Drive! is Nuance’s automotive-grade natural-language voice platform for the connected car, enabling auto OEMs and suppliers to deliver eyes – and hands – free message dictation and direct access to content, music, and navigation services. The CEA recognized […]

On November 16, 2012 Corporate Communications Intern and recent graduate Britt Plante was experiencing what many post-graduates feel as they embark into the real world: Confusion in the Kitchen and Hunger in the Stomach I’m sitting at my desk and can see the sun setting over the beautiful foliage in Burlington, Massachusetts. The brilliant oranges, […]

With the newest updates and its Living, Learning Keyboard, Swype’s gotten even more personal. We’d say that we know you pretty well. But do you know Swype? That’s the question we wanted answered last week on the Swype Facebook page – where we posted a week’s worth of trivia questions and awarded the winners some […]

We here at Nuance are all about helping you communicate easily and freely with our voice technology. So, we wanted to spotlight a partner of ours that helps further that message: SpeechTrans. Since 2010, SpeechTrans has been bringing the public amazing translation software and apps that can act as your own personal, portable translator. Now, […]

It feels like just yesterday, but Ford’s revolutionary voice-enabled in-car infotainment system SYNC has officially turned five! In fact, five million vehicles featuring the revolutionary SYNC in-car connectivity system have driven off Ford lots around the world.  Powered by Nuance technology, SYNC and MyFord Touch have changed the way people engage content and services in […]

Good news, Dragon fans! We’ve added Catalan to the list of languages now offered for our Dragon apps family. So, what can you do with these Dragon Apps? With Dragon Search, everything is just one question away. Want to find out more about that hot new restaurant in Barcelona? Or maybe check the weather for […]

You asked for it, and now you’ve got it. Dragon Fans! We have great news for you today! Building on the Dragon Go! directed search experience, we give you the Dragon Mobile Assistant – your very own personal assistant complete with a new, conversational design including all the most popular personal assistant features that you […]